This Diwali Was No Different, Delhites Made Sure The Air Quality Goes Down By Bursting Crackers

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Diwali – the festival of lights, a day marked by the triumph of good over evil, the most awaited festival filled with laughter, colours , lights, and so much love has now become one of the most polluted day of the year.

According to the Air Quality Index (AQI) the air quality of Delhi during Diwali celebrations was hazardous with the PM being 10. Delhi and many other cities are covered with toxic haze after the night of Diwali fireworks. Every year the air quality of Delhi remains moderate during the entire year but it drastically deteriorates between October-December.

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Despite the ban imposed by the Supreme Court on the bursting of harmful crackers and only allowing the use of green and safe crackers between 8pm-10pm in restricted areas such as parks, the air quality of Delhi is poor for the second time. This is due to lack of
implementation by the government and ignorance of the citizens.

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People knowingly buy these crackers from the black market at double prices giving reasons like “yeh toh rivaaz hai” or “patakho ke bina diwali ka mazaa kaha” while they fail to understand that this so called ‘rivaaz’ is endangering their own and the lives of their loved ones. When these parents should teach their children the importance of conserving the environment and severity of breaking the law, they are seen doing the exact opposite.

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The high level of noise generated due to bursting of crackers is not only harmful for us but also causes immense suffering to birds and animals. Animals hear seven times more than us…..HOW LOUD WOULD FIRECRACKERS BE TO THEM? The bursting of crackers has been known to cause temporary deafness in animals and disorientation in birds. Our temporary pleasure makes their lives miserable.

Unfortunately, Diwali celebrations which meant family get togethers, decorated houses, beautiful rangolis and sweets has just become a meaningless day filled with electric illumination and bursting of noisy firecrackers.

We may have failed this year but I hope the next Diwali will truly be a happy and a less polluted one.

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