Three Levels To Wish Yourself a Good Morning

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The age-old saying that a Good Morning makes a Good Day, holds true even today. It is hard to deny that the morning you woke up after 7 or 8 hours of sleep was the best day you ever had! But is equally difficult to maintain that ‘freshness’ throughout the week! The beeps of your phone, the yells of your boss and the pile of sheets on your table can never stop haunting you! How can you escape this nonstop horror movie premier of your life and still have a good morning? Well, there is a way out! There are three levels to a good morning: the birth, the life and the self.

The best morning is no doubt the one with enough sleep and no nightmares or bad dreams at all. To achieve this, the best you can do is keep your phone and social media, miles away from your bed! Not literally, because leaving your phone outside your house is the worst horror movie ever. All you have to do is, keep your phone out of your bedroom, maybe in the kitchen or dining room. Having done this, relax on your bed in your favourite sleeping position and just close your eyes. Maybe hear some 80’s songs or meditative music can help in smoothly sliding yourself down into peaceful sleep.

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When you’ve had a good night, the first stage of a fresh morning is accomplished! The second is what you wake up to. To have a fresh morning, it is important what you look at or think about as you wake up.  It is said that sleep is like a death, and waking up from it is recreating life all over again. So in this way, every day is a new beginning to recreate the life that you left 8 hours behind. When you wake up, make sure that you look at something that inspires you or motivates you. It can be a poster of a musician, actor, or a quote from your favourite writer, or the best is a work of your own that you love the most! When you look at these as the very first thing in the morning or a new life, your whole day is automatically directed towards them. That is how you frame your intentions and target for the day!

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The next level, after having pretty much figured out your day, is to figure out yourself! Every person has a unique taste that defines his/her personality. If you are a tea/coffee lover, just make a cup for yourself (make sure it’s not a crappy one). Sit back on the favourite spot of your house, with your favourite song on the phone. Perhaps, read a newspaper, some words of Rumi (or any writer you like), or just sip your musical coffee.  This not only helps you to be active throughout the day but also give you the time to absorb your idea of self, and carry it throughout the day with confidence.

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After these levels, of birth, the idea of life and idea of self, you have already made your morning good! Based on personal preference, hitting gym or stretching on the yoga mat also wishes good morning.  It is your morning, stretch yourself as you want! Reserve the first wish of Good Morning for yourself.

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Rudrani Kumari
A literature student and a writer enmeshed in the politics of illusion and reality. I love writing poetry, articles, and blogs. Reading fiction and debating the non-fiction; music and food are the footholds of my self, in constant flux between real and poetic. I believe life is not invested only in the visible truth, the stone, the stars and you. There are truths in fiction, ghosts, myths, and fairies.

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