Tips To Give Efficient Presentations

Presentations are an effective medium to convey information. Be it school, college, or office – at some point or another you’ll have to give presentations in front of your peers to explain your respective topic.


Not only giving a presentation helps you build confidence to face the audience, it also enhances your public speaking skills and overall personality.

Here are few tips which will help you to give an effective presentation:-


One should know the target audience’s background and interest area to figure out the medium of instruction and also the topic. After all, the main aim of the presentation is to provide knowledge to your audience and if one fails in this aspect, the entire presentation will be useless.


It is indeed very embarrassing if the one who is presenting fails to respond to the query of the audience members correctly. Thus, one should be extensively familiar with their topic and answer the questions asked by the audience factually and logically.


Non-verbal communication plays a very important role while speaking. Try not to focus your attention towards any particular person or object throughout the presentation but rather maintain an eye contact with everyone in the audience. This way no one will feel left out.


Maintain good posture and use hand movements while explaining your points. This helps the audience to engage with you and unknowingly you also convey a lot of important information through your body language.


Do not shyly mumble while speaking. Be confident and try to speak in a bold, loud and clear voice so that everyone can hear you. However, at the same time, try not to be too loud either.


Do not write long sentences in your PPT. Write only key points and explain them chronologically and briefly while speaking. Be precise and to the point as no one likes long, boring presentations.


Make your PPT vivid by adding relevant images, videos and graphics in it. However, be careful not to add unnecessary media as well.


If two or more people are giving a presentation collectively, make sure that everyone gets an equal amount of time to speak by dividing the topics among yourselves efficiently.

Hope these points will help you make an impact!

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