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Top 10 Enactus Teams In Delhi University

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ENACTUS  ,fomerly known as SIFE was founded in the United States in 1975. It is a non-profit community of students,academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged. Guided by academic leaders, supported by businesses and derived by students, Enactus aims to make this world a better place. Enactus in DU has proved their worth amidst all other societies since their inception. The teams have taken part in various competitions and established themselves in the national as well as international circuit . Top Enactus team you can aim to be a part of are-


SSCBS Wins Enactus Nationals For Second Time In A Row

Established in 2009, Enactus SSCBS has been the winner of two Enactus nationals and came sec the Enactus world cup 2016, leaving their imprints on the world. Currently it has three running projects – Sanitation solutions,aiming at ensuring the use of sanitary napkins by women living in slums, Project Akshar, which focuses on helping the economically backward and victims of abuse to manufacture eco-friendly notebooks and Project Gramoddhar especially focuses on developing Ghamroj, a village in Haryana.


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Image Source – Enactus SRCC

Established in 2007 as SIFE SRCC , Enactus SRCC is the oldest Enactus team in du and has taken up 11 projects of which 8 have been completed. The ongoing projects are-Project Azmat, which aim to liberate the community of manual scavengers by providing them with a source of livelihood. Project Kayakalp endeavours to empower traditional puppeteers and expand their income generation possibilities and Project Sattva aim to provide training to women dairy farmers. Enactus SRCC stood first at IIM -indore’s Avdharna and is aiming for more.


Image Source – Enactus Ramjas

Enactus Ramjas was started 7 years ago and over the years it has successfully managed to complete its projects like Aradhaga, TransCreation and Enactus store. It has two ongoing projects Project Bawarchi and Project Aarogya. Project Bawarchi provides employment opportunities to victims of substance abuse through culinary business. Project Aarogya aim to provide generic medicines in rural areas for health care services. Enactus Ramjas stood second in the Enactus nationals 2017.


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Image Source – Enactus DCAC

Enactus DCAC, which started in 2013 and since it’s inception has carried out 5 projects. Three of its projects has reached a successful sustainable stage and the two ongoing projects are Project Kaushal which provides skill development to the unemployed and Project Adarshgram which aim at providing basic necessities to rural areas ¬†like clean drinking water and waste free environment etc. Enactus DCAC was amongst the top 5 finalists in Enactus nationals 2016


Image Source – Enactus CVS

Enactus CVS,a budding enactus team was started in 2014 by a bunch of B.M.S students. It has two ¬†projects namely Project Katran and Project Madari. Project Katran focusses on providing vocational training to unskilled and underprivileged women and marketing up their hand-made bags and other accessories. Project Madari is an effort to empower the local magicians and expand their income by providing them platforms to showcase their talent . Enactus ¬†CVS has successfully organized magic shows in Tihar Jail,Run4cause, stalls in ITC Maurya and it’s ¬†beneficiary has successfully bagged a talent hunt show on TV and enactus cvs is aiming for greater achievements.


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Enactus Hindu began its ¬†journey in 2014 with the Project Shreshth. It’s ¬†project Oorja strives to empower the use of solar power by providing clean solar LED utility lamps made by their team. Project Veerangana aims at providing the skills of self-defence to unemployed women to improve their standard of living by marketing their skills. Project Shreshth has successfully transformed a group of unemployed women from Badli Industrial area into entrepreneurs. They also initiated a crowd funding campaign ‚ÄòBe a Veerangana‚Äô and witnessed success.


Image Source – Enactus Hansraj

Working on 2-3 projects simultaneously showing multi tasking ,Enactus Hansraj has been awarded a lot of times for its achievements as it has been the recipient of Coca Cola best project award in 2016 and winner of Unilever Enactus competition in 2015. It’s projects are-Project Lekhni to empower five underprivileged women and make them self-reliance, Project Boond which aims at providing clean drinking water in the villages which cannot afford water purifiers by providing low-cost water purifiers which does not run on electricity and Project Mithaas aiming at educating the farmers about the bee-keeping industry and also providing them with necessary equipments.


Image Source- Enactus MLNC

With a project to make the lives of stray dogs better in 2014, Enactus MLNC ¬†started it’s journey with Project Parivartan and soon reached the nationals. The project emphasised on adopting the design breeds of dogs over the foreign breeds and got 14 hogs sterilised and immunized against rabies. In 2016,they started project Desi, an extension of Project Parivartan,which worked in economic, social and environmental spheres simultaneously with other NGOs. Enactus MLNC has successfully set up stall in VETopia, Kingdom of dreams and in Hansraj of their animal accessories.


Image Source- Enactus Maitreyi

Enactus Maitreyi was started by Sanchila arora , am economics  student in 2014 and this young team since then has launched three projects- Project Unnayan with Love Care Foundation to keep up with the goal of United Nations to promote gender equality, Project Swadhin in association with Earth Saviours Foundation which helps in promoting social acceptance of socially and physically handicapped and burn victims and Project Samya which empowers HIV patients women to make them self-reliant by making bags,pouches etc. ANd sell them. Enactus Maitreyi is the recipient of the KPMG ethics grant award of 2015.


Image Source – Enactus IPCW

Enactus IPCW, started in 2014 is a young Enactus  team and is currently running two projects-Project Aipan which has a dual motive of reviving the Kumaoni art form Aipan and at the same time socially and economically uplifting the community of housewives and Project Nafasat aiming at solving the issue of improper waste disposal in Delhi. Enactus IPCW won the Grand prize of Enactus Walmart Special in 2016 and has also received a huge international order from Crystal Bridges Museum of U.S.A.


Image Source – Enactus SBSC

Since it’s inception in 2014 , Enactus SBSC have undertaken too successful projects-Project Roshni and Project Aahar.Project roshni aims to eradicate the obstruction of self sustainability from the lives of the differently abled in our society by training and empowering people from the visually impaired and specially challenged community with the art of candle making.

Project Aahar tries to be a solution to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture pledges to end hunger. The process was started by setting up food stalls in the targeted communities. The stalls were setup in places like sheikh sarai and Anand parbat.The food stall provide quality food at nominal rates and follow all the necessary hygiene guidelines.The journey of the project that began from a mere fund of Rs.25000 has now come to a point where we have three self-sustaining stalls with a total revenue of 7 lac rupees. they are in the process of setting up two additional stalls .

Other colleges in DU are also constantly establishing their name in the Enactus field.

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