The Everlasting Dilemma : North,South And Off Campus DU Colleges
Image Source- India Today

For over 20 odd top Delhi University colleges including Hindu, Jesus and Mary, Maitreyi, Aurobindo college, Motilal Nehru college and others are yet to appoint principals n the respective colleges, officials said.

Sources informed that the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry has directed the University Grants Commission (UGC) to initiate action against all the colleges who still haven’t made any appointments despite of numerous instructions.

Some of the colleges have been without a principal for over 8 years or more. They are being run by acting heads for which President’s office had been expressing concern.

According to a senior UGC official, the colleges will be chalking out details of action that they can take against the colleges and submit a report to the ministry in this matter.

In words of senior HRD official, ” The government has been emphasizing the need for filing up posts of principals in 21 Delhi University colleges in the interest of academic progress. But despite giving several deadlines they have not taken any concrete action. Since these are all grant in aid colleges, government expects better administration. We have asked the UGC to initiate action and submit a report in this regard.‚Äù

Hindu College, for instance doesn’t have a regular principal since 2012.“Our college has already started the process and screening of candidates was completed almost a month ago. I was told that interviews will start soon but I cannot comment more,” said Hindu College’s officiating principal Anju Srivastava.

A meeting was held in June last week at the Rashtrapati Bhawan to discuss the appointment of principals in Delhi University colleges.The meeting was attended by the vice-chancellor of Delhi University, UGC chairman and senior HRD officials. The colleges were given a deadline of July 15 to complete the process of selection and appointment of principals. Though the colleges and the university had assured that regular principals would be appointed, a status report submitted to the ministry revealed that most colleges have still not appointed principals, reported as per the source.


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