Toxic People : It’s Time You Throw Them Out Of Your Life

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We had all endured the company of people who were not shooting for our highest good.It’s hard to avoid toxic people-they sometimes appear like something else and they are sometimes inextricably bound up with our lives.

A toxic person is someone who complains all the time,blames you for their problems,drains you of your energy and dumps negative feelings on to you.They are basically a leech and should be avoided because they will eventually suck the life out of you without letting you know.

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You start to lose yourself and forget to make yourself and your happiness a priority.You start believing that no matter how they treat you ,it is what you deserve.       

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And at last you start believing that having them around is the best for you,without wondering about all that you’re putting at stake; your heart ,your happiness,your self-esteem.You’re busy in loving them and they often forget that you deserve the same love too.You deserve the kind of love you’re giving them.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

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If someone thinks you’re being dramatic or selfish,then they obviously haven’t walked a mile in your shoes.It is not every time important for you to explain yourself.

We should avoid toxic people because their motive is to manipulate and bring their victims down to their level.They can turn life into a living nightmare.Toxic people come in various forms and shapes and they all should be avoided because they carry a lot of anger that will eventually blow up in our face.

Even the most beautiful things can be toxic.

If the time span of your friendship is the only reason keeping you together,leave.If the only reason you’re with them is to save them,leave.Because,John Green was correct in stating that you can never save someone by letting them destroy you.

Letting toxic people go is not an act of cruelty.It’s an act of self care.

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