Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Trust That Runs Daulat Ram College Owes College 5 Crores; DU Willing To Take Charge

Like various trust run colleges, Daulat Ram College is also one of them. But for several years, the trust that has been running Daulat Ram College hasn’t cleared its dues that go up to Rs. 5 Crores due to which the college might turn to a university-maintained institute.

As the college is run by a trust, it gets 95% of its funds from University Grants Commission (UGC) and the rest from the trust, but because of long dues, the Executive Council of the University has taken up this matter to make a decision.

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According to the Executive Council, the UGC makes its yearly budget sanction letters according to which all the trust-run institutes will get 5% as their mandatory share from the respective trust and with regards to Daulat Ram College, the amount of 5% goes to Rs. 5,38,30,115.

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The university has demanded the amount from the chairperson of the trust, Suneeta Sudhershan who has claimed that there is some miscalculation. According to her, the 5% is to be calculated according to 1,000 students but the college authorities say otherwise. The college has also stated that due to pending dues from the trust, there has been a lot of delay in the infrastructural work at the college.

According to the Executive Council Committee, if the college which is maintained by the trust doesn’t get the mandatory funds from the trust, the process of turning the college to a university-maintained institute from a trust-run institute is initiated where the 100% fund is received from the University Grants Commission. This rule applies to all the 21 colleges of Delhi University which are run by trusts (including the likes of Hansraj College, SRCC, Ramjas College, and Hindu College).

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