Monday, June 1, 2020

TV Shows Which We All Loved During Our Childhood

With very different cartoons and tv shows ruling our televisions,we do miss the amazing shows that were a part of our childhood. These shows weren’t only a good pastime but helped us grow, learning some really cool English songs and develop an amazing fashion sense. All thanks to disney. Let’s take this rollercoaster to collect some real cool memories

 1. Wizards of Waverly Place

 “Everything is not what it seems”

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The run for earning the family magic wand from the wizard father is a good and funny chase which ought to be seen.

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¬†They’ve Got The Power!

2. Hannah Montana

 “The best of both worlds” being always on our lips we definitely enjoyed swinging to this song and not to lie but this one song was once our favourite song too and every one of us ( ofc us girls) wanted to look like Hannah and have all the dresses she had.


3. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

There’s no way you haven’t watched this!

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome times?!


¬†4. That’s so Raven

 Let’s see the future (and the past?): you’ve already seen it and if you haven’t (well I’m     surprised you’re still living) you’re running towards your laptop/pc and watching it right away and cursing your childhood self for wasting your life!

 That’s so raven la la la lalalala…!!!

5. Lizzie McGuire

The daily adventures and insight in the life of an adolescent girl whose real thoughts and emotions are expressed by her sarcastic animated alter ego.

Here’s your chance guys (you get to know her brain now!)


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