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Types Of Students During Exaams

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And finally every student’s nightmare is going to take shape.

Exams-One listen to this one word, five letters to be precise, and realise that their doomsday is near; the days to deactivate Facebook accounts, to change Whatsapp status to DND. The days of books, notes, photocopies and TEN YEARS – THE SAVIOUR are here again.

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This one month can be given the Oscar award for the worst days and still many of us will think of a better (worse) title.

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There are a variety of students one can easily spot during these days.



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“Yaar, still two chapters are left”. And that ‘you are dead now’ stare they get from their friends.




“I am already done with most of the syllabus.” Just ask one question from that ‘most of the syllabus’ and you won’t see them for next two days.



“How could you guys be so relaxed? Exams are so near.” And one can easily spot them carrying books almost double of their size.



“Maine to abhi tak books ko haath bhi nahi lagaya.” But their results have some other story to say.



And then their will always be one guy who won’t have any idea about studies and can be easily seen asking for the name of the books before one week of exam.

Male teenager worried doing homework
Male teenager worried doing homework


Their is a difference between enjoying your youth and destroying it. College life is the best life and all one wants to do is to enjoy. But, in between, don’t forget the struggle it took you to match the high ends cut-offs of DU and be a student of DU. The prime reason that we are in college is for studies and devoting a month to it won’t do much harm to our befikri lifestyle.

So, people gear up and face the exams with all your confidence and knowledge.

Wishing you all – All the very Best and hoping that we all will pass with flying colors.

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