Unique Societies In DU Part 1 : Nucleus-The Analytics Society Of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
Image Source-Facebook Page of Nucleus

Nucleus SSCBS : “Passionate about transcending the limits of formal education, our team is committed towards achieving a practical experience in the field of Big Data & Analytics for the mutual development of Nucleus Family” says the team.

The society is the first of its kind in the DU circuit.Though,the amount of appreciation that the very conception of the idea should behold is tremendous,there’s much more to the society.

Nucleus follows a five-fold method to achieve its mission-

1. Knowledge Sharing Sessions : Maximum learning happens in the society by peer-to-peer method.Regular sessions are conducted by the society members on analytics softwares like R,Python,Tableau,etc. and on the theoretical concepts involved in data analytics.

2. Live Projects : Driven by the desire to gain practical experience,the society teams up with enterprises to undertake live projects in the field of data analytics.

3. Research Papers : Under the guidance of the college faculty and mentors,the society takes up research in the field of our interest to not only encourage a culture of self learning but also of sharing of new ideas,plugging numerous gaps in the literature.

4. External Sessions : To spread the knowledge of data analytics,we partner with industry experts to conduct sessions open to all.

5. Competitions : The students of this society demarcate themselves from the others by participating in extremely data centric professional competitions not only to test their knowledge but to welcome new challenges with open arms.

Its target oriented work,aim and the uniqueness of the very idea is what sets it apart from any regular society in DU (all of them are special in their own way though).The society is taking baby steps towards establishing itself and we are sure of hearing some lovely success stories very soon in future.


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