180 Degrees Consulting Hansraj
Image Source- 180 Degrees Consulting Hansraj

Ever wondered what makes Delhi University different from the rest of the universities in our country?

Is it the teaching faculty or the upbeat crowd or simply DU Fests?!

Well, the thing which really separates Delhi University from the rest is its College Societies. 

Witnessing students from various parts of the country, these societies have a strong talent base which not only nurture this talent the whole time but also gives the golden opportunity to convert this passion into profession. Be it in any field like music, dance, dramatics, entrepreneurship, debate and many more.

Apart from these, there are also some unique societies which are different because of their field and operations.

One such society is ‘180 Degrees Consulting’, Hansraj College.¬†

We believe that, our success, as consultancy providers depends on the rightness of the advice we give and our potential for convincing the one in authority. We are young minds, striving to succeed to become the best, with a vision to draw¬† well structured and practical solutions for our clients. Our services are primarily targeted towards enhancing the working of the social sector and making the latter sustainable in terms of business and technology.”- 180 Degrees Consulting.

180 Degrees Consulting Hansraj was founded in June 2018. They aim to provide socially conscious organisations with extremely affordable but high quality consulting services.

It is the world’s largest university based consulting with 85+ branches in top notch colleges like LSE, Oxford, Cambridge, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Columbia, ESADE and NYU in 35 countries. They have worked with organisations like R Cross, Oxfam and Amnesty International.

They have currently a team of 10 bright consultants and are recruiting for more potential consultants, aiming to make a real impact in the world.

We wish consulting society of Hansraj all the best for the future!


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