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Unlock 5.0 Guidelines—Everything you need to know

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The Union Ministry of Home Affairs released the latest set of guidelines for the relaxation of Coronavirus Lockdown in the phase of Unlock 5.0. From October 1, these Guidelines would be in effect and continue till the 31st.

Even though we are going through with the fifth phase of unlock now, there is still a lot of confusion about the guidelines. But we have made them easy for you.

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What are the big changes in this phase of unlock 5.0?

  • Theatres, Cinemas and Multiplexes can open from October 15. But with only 50% seating capacity.
  • Even entertainment parks and swimming pools for training sportsperson are permitted to open.
  • Business-to-Business Exhibitions will be permitted.

What are the guidelines for gatherings?

  • Earlier gatherings were limited to 100 people only. But Unlock 5 has permitted all functions beyond the limit of 100 people from October 15.
  • For indoor gatherings, only 50% of the capacity of the venue will be allowed, with a cap of 200 people.
  • For outdoor spaces, the guidelines have not put any numerical cap.

Are schools and colleges going to reopen?

  • Schools are allowed to be reopened from October 15. But the decision had been left to the UT and State governments.
  • Although, online mode of education and classes are still encouraged. If students prefer online classes in comparison to physical classes, they are to be allowed to do so.
  • Attendance is not to be strictly enforced, it is to be left to the consent of the parents.
  • Students can only attend school and educational institutions with the written consent of their parents.
  • Schools remain closed till October 5, and the decision will be made by the governments till then. State governments have the option to not reopen.
  • In the case of higher education institutions, only institutions dedicated to Research Scholars, that require laboratory and other equipment are allowed to open.

What about International Travel Restrictions?

There are no new changes in the case of International Travel. The restrictions that were in place before will continue.

Are there to be any more lockdowns?

Lockdowns are only allowed in the containment zones. They have been extended till 31st October. But the State or UT governments cannot impose any other lockdowns.

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