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Unusual Career Choices You Never Knew Actually Existed

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For us unique people,

There’s no denying the nobility of the teaching profession or the selflessness of an army related job; neither is there anything fundamentally wrong with the career choices we’ve usually come to hear of in the contemporary world. It’s just that with an ever-expanding, incessantly growing world, with a rapidly growing population, not only do all these options seem rather bland, they have actually ended up becoming clich√©d. No longer does the option of becoming an engineer sound as enticing or as fancy as it used to. Even starting one’s own business has lost the charm that it had gained over the last couple of years.

Since we all are on a hunt for the best and most interesting jobs out there, therefore, in this post, I have compiled a list of a few career choices you might not have even heard of. What makes matters even more interesting is the fact that some of these choices don’t seem like a career at all. After all, who would believe that Professional Sleeper is actually a job that gets you paid. But then again, this post is about exotic and outlandish career choices, so dive in!

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1. Chief Listening Officer

Average Salary: ‚Çπ 36 Lakhs!

Yes! That is a real job, and that is the real figure! You can be a CLO instead of the boring CEO. With social media usage at an all-time high, and twitter and facebook posts dictating the trends of contemporary fashion, companies often hire CLOs whose job is to scan these social media platforms and develop reports. After scrutinising over major positive and negative feedback for the company on social media, your job is to report these findings to the appropriate team, which will allow them to hopefully correct their past mistakes. (If only Apple CLOs could listen to just how much we hate the notch and the absence of the headphone jack…!)

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2. Chocolatier

Average Salary: ‚Çπ 21 Lakhs

unusual career
Image Source – Creative Commons image from https://www.thebluediamondgallery.com/typewriter/c/chocolate.html

This one is for those of us who adore fancy chocolates. Those little and large packets you gift your significant others aren’t random mixtures of cocoa beans and nuts. Major chocolate manufacturers hire Chocolatiers whose job is to create candies and fill out existing orders for chocolates. Typically, the job requires a culinary school degree but hey, that is a small price to pay for such a lip-smacking career!

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3. Professional Sleeper

Average Salary: Variable

This is for those sloths and snobs out there! Good news sleepyheads! Mattress manufacturers require a Professional Sleeper¬†to test the comfort of their products. Sometimes you also need to take part in medical surveys and test aids. In any case, if you’re lucky enough to go beyond freelancing in this career, it certainly gives a whole new meaning to dreaming for money!

Fun fact: The NASA once paid volunteers about $18,000 (that is almost ‚Çπ 12 Lakhs) to lie in the bed for 70 hours!

4.Mustering Pilot

Average Salary: ₹ 52 Lakhs

Love flying? Love Helicopters? Can work with animals? Here is your dream job: Mustering Pilot, an odd career option that really pays the big bucks as well as the best memories, is an intriguing option to say the least. These people fly helicopters low over cattle herds, protecting, wrangling, and locating the animals. While extremely well-paying in terms of money, the job is most prevalent in the Australian Farmlands so you might have to relocate if this is what you want to pursue.

5. Food Stylist

Average Salary: ₹ 32 Lakhs

unusual career
Image ©Shutterstock.com

Beware this job. You need a really good artistic ability as well as a lot of self-control to pursue this career option. Why? Because a Food Stylist’s job comes into picture when the delicious commercials for packaged or non-packaged foods are designed. So you’re going to be looking at a lot of scrumptious foods and you don’t want to be the one who destroys the beauty and gobbles it all up?! Behind the scenes of food commercials, food stylists work their magic as they arrange the delicacies in artistic, aesthetic, and tasty arrangements. Most food stylists tend to have a culinary degree so one does not get the job so easily. However, it is an interesting option and certainly not one to skimp on the money prospects.


There are several more options available for those of us who would like to make their mark away from where everyone’s arrows have landed. You can find about a dozen similar jobs if you give this post a read.

From intriguing to interesting, from unusual to exotic, and from sloth-like to extremely energetic, these career options definitely bring a fresh outlook on the job market, and certainly lie off the beaten path. Do tell us which one you found the most interesting. Happy job hunting!

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