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Utkala Divas: Facts About The Majestic Land Of Odisha

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On April 1, 1936, after a long battle of three centuries, Odisha became a separate province. The formation of Orissa under British rule, denoted the start of a different journey for the state. Odisha Day, otherwise called Utkala Divas and Utkala Dibasa, is commended on April 1 consistently in memory of all the battle that went into acquiring a new political identity for the state that was once essential for Kalinga ruled by Ashoka, and later by Kharavela, recognized as the champion of Jainism, before Mughals attacked and wrested it.

Here are some unknown facts about the majestic land of Odisha, you should know on Utkala Divas:

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Odisha was initially named “Utkala”, which is a Sanskrit term and it alludes to the rich and vibrant culture of the state, and the artisans who lived here.


utkala divas

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The most famous Indian sweet Rosogulla is originated from Odisha. It is made of Chenna (Indian cottage cheese) dipped in sugar syrup.

Kalinga and Ashoka

utkala divas

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It is Kalinga where the bloodiest war between Mauryan Empire and Kalingans was battled. After this fight, the valour and the fight abilities of the Kalinga heroes were committed to being as superb as the Spartans. It was after this war that Ashoka surrendered war and lectured harmony and Buddhism and prompted the foundation of “Shanti Stupa or Dhauligiri” also called “Peace Pagoda” situated in Bhubaneshwar.


odia patchitra

The locals of Raghurajpur town are the guards of the 900-year-old speciality of “patachitra”, the craft of painting in cloth. Their forte lies in making their own paints and brushes and they get their inspiration from Indian mythology.

Sambalpuri Saree

sambalpuri saree utkala divas

The Sambalpuri saree started catching eyes since the time, the late Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi was seen wearing them. The sarees are known for splash-colour workmanship likewise known as “bandhakala” or Sambalpuri “ikkat”.

Largest Open-Air Theatre

dhanu jatra utkala divas

The Dhanu Jatra happens in the small place of Bargarh. It is the hour of celebration when the whole town transforms into Mathura; an open-air stage where an intuitive play based on Lord Krishna and Kansa is performed. It is the largest open-air theatre in the world.

Rath Yatra

rath yatra utkala divas

The most extravagant celebration of Odisha where three wooden chariots are made for the Gods of Jagannath Temple. Rath Yatra is not only popular among Indian devotees but also attracts devotees from foreign countries. This celebration at its sheer pinnacle can be found in Puri.


rajo utkala divas
Image from Odia Connect

Rajo is a festival that rejoices menstruation and womanhood. It is a three-day celebration sheerly devoted to young ladies. The young ladies wear new dresses, enjoy games, swing rides, eat paan and pitha.

Odia? No, Many Forms

There are a few manners by which Odia is spoken in the state including Kataki, Sambalpuri, Kosali, Phulbani, Midnapori, Singhbhumi, Ganjami, Desia, Barhampuri and so forth.

Popular Foods


Pakhala is the most popular food in Odisha, particularly in the summers. Be it a first-class or a rancher, from dhabas to cafés there is not a single spot in Odisha where this renowned dish isn’t served. The Dahibara aloodum of Cuttack, with ghughuni, spice and curd is the celebrated street food.

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