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Vaccine Slots can Now be Booked on Whatsapp. Here’s how.

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India’s vaccination drive has now picked up speed. To effectuate India’s goal of vaccinating all adults by the end of this year, the government has initiated a scheme that will allow people to book vaccine slots using WhatsApp.

Previously, people could book slots only through the CoWIN portal, Aarogya Setu app, Umang app and Paytm. Heavy traffic on the CoWIN Portal has become a very common sight due to which people have had to wait for months before getting vaccinated. The inclusion of WhatsApp as a platform to book vaccine slots might also ensure a wider distribution and availability of vaccine bookings. 

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“Paving a new era of citizen convenience. Now, book COVID-19 vaccine slots easily on your phone within minutes,” tweeted Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviyaz. 

“Send ‘Book Slot’ to MyGovIndia Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp. Verify OTP. Follow the steps,” he further instructed and added a link to the helpdesk Whatsapp. 

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Steps to Book a Vaccine Slot Through Whatsapp

Here are the steps that will simplify the extensive process of booking a vaccine slot:

  1. Save the contact number of MyGov Corona Helpdesk on your smartphone – 9013151515.

2. On the abovementioned number, send a text message which says “Book Slot”.

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3. Once they send the message, the user will get a one-time password. The user needs to enter that OTP into the WhatsApp chat. 

4. The chatbot will then fetch the name of the individuals who are registered on the CoWIN portal with that particular mobile number. 

5. Now, to book the vaccine slot, the user needs to enter the mobile number of the person they want to book a slot for. The chatbot will then ask for a pin code. 

6. Once they enter the pin code, the user will have to choose a preferred date, location and vaccine. A confirmation will also be sent thereafter. 

Earlier this month, the government had also launched the option of getting vaccination certificates through WhatsApp. A lot of people reported glitches in their attempts to download the certificates from the CoWIN portal. With the fear of the possible third wave of the pandemic looming large, vaccination certificates have become necessary to facilitate interstate mobility and international travel.

“Revolutionizing common man’s life using technology! Now get #COVID19 vaccination certificate through MyGov Corona Helpdesk in 3 easy steps. Save contact number: +91 9013151515. Type & send ‘covid certificate’ on WhatsApp. Enter OTP. Get your certificate in seconds,” the Health Minister’s office had earlier tweeted.

So far, India has administered 58.8 crore Covid-19  vaccine doses. The government plans to vaccinate 108 crore adult Indians by the end of this year. 

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