Valentine’s and Anti-Valentine’s Week

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Soon the array of valentine’s week and following it the anti-valentine’s week will come to an end. Ranging from Rose day to Kiss day and Slap day to Breakup day, the first time that we encounter this given idea of love is the adolescent years of one’s life. With specific days to celebrate its existence and entire literature genre dedicated to it, love never ceases to stay relevant but with each passing day, it is becoming uncommon to find it in its entirety. In this fast-paced world, Love has become something which movies and books make us understand and not something that comes from within. From romanticizing toxic relationships to considering physical abuse as an expression of love, Motion pictures have given us all distorting the laymen meaning of love. Some quote love as  ” selflessness” whereas some quote it as a mere “illusion”. Some call it a means of sailing through hardship while some simply dismiss the idea of love. One of the alien concepts of love in India is that of Valentine’s day and the days preceding it. Often known to clash with India’s conservative religious background, only in recent times, Valentine’s week has become widely recognized in India. Every year, during this week, countless people across India present their loved ones with candy, flowers, chocolates, and such other Valentine’s Day gifts. This often imparts a materialistic approach to the whole concept. Commercialization of the festival has also resulted in the celebrations being criticized in many countries.

Who valentine actually is?

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There are many legends to prove that Valentine’s Day has its roots in ancient Italian society. According to one such legend, this celebration originated because of a Christian priest, St. Valentine, who helped lovers get married during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius in 269 A.D. Valentine was eventually executed because he acted against the will of the Emperor. Awaiting execution Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer. Before his execution, Valentine had sent her a message signed “From Your Valentine”. To date, this phrase coined by Valentine remains ever-popular and is used worldwide on Valentine’s Day.

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From courting their lovers to the hullabaloo of buying expensive gifts, there is a quantum leap occurring in the meaning of love. Some people are of the opinion that love is something to be cherished throughout our lives. Hence, celebrating love must not be restricted to a specific day of the year only. Despite criticism, the popularity of Valentine’s Day festival is increasing year after year.

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Another lot that considers love a mere illusion or may have developed a dislike due to heartbreak. In either case, it is only fair that the world also dedicates a week for those who do not believe in the idea of ‘love’ or rather celebrating it.

On top of that, it sometimes becomes too much of chaos to handle all the craze surrounding the month of February. Contemporary generation’s distorted vision of love has also somewhere contributed to the authentic idea of valentine’s week go rough which ultimately pushed our society to assign days to complain about it. Lasting from 7th Feb to 21st Feb, it won’t be wrong to say that love witnesses leaps and bounds at the hands of the young generation without them realizing it.

It would be much of a boon if we resort to our conscience rather than books, movies or anything fancy in order to unravel the true adventure called love. To cherish the love that God has imparted us, our hearts will always be enough. Don’t confuse it with anything superficial.

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