Volunteer At These 5 NGOs This Fall

HelpAge India


This NGO has been eminently working for the welfare of the disadvantaged elderly for more than three decades. This charity focuses on addressing issues like universal pension, quality healthcare and taking measures against rampant abuse. With its various welfare and development programs, HelpAge India is working towards equipping the elderly with sustainable resources, enabling them to live healthier and dignified lives.

Smile Foundation

With the aim of addressing the areas of formal education for children, women empowerment, family health and livelihood, this NGO serves to empower the less privileged children, youth and women through its life-cycle approach of development.

Through their 158 welfare projects that spread across 25 states, Smile Foundation has been able to reach out to more than 300,000 underprivileged children, youth and women every year.

Child Rights and You

Working at the grass roots level, CRY aims at establishing a safe space for children, where they can freely express themselves, have the right to voice their opinions and concerns and have the opportunity to be able to learn and grow in a positive environment.

This organization believes, for bringing about a change, it is imperative to recognize the children as “individuals of today” and not “adults of tomorrow”. The involvement of the community is equally significant in this struggle to fight for children and their rights.

Teach For India

With the continuous and persistent efforts of volunteers, fellows, alumni, supporters and their children, Teach For India is making a stride towards eliminating the education crisis in India. The Teach for India Fellowship Program places young professionals and recent graduates in low-income schools as full-time teachers for under-privileged students.

As of today, Teach for India has been able to impact the lives of 40,075 students through their nationwide movement, tackling the educational inequality in India.

Robin Hood Army

Devoted to the noble cause of feeding the less privileged, the Robin Hood Army is tackling hunger by collecting and distributing the excess and surplus food from the restaurants to those in need.

Today, The Robin Hood Army is spread across 80 cities, feeding over 2.75 lakh people every month. Through its region-wise ‘chapters’, the volunteers of each region team up with various restaurants in their vicinity, collecting the food and then congregating it into packets and distributing it.

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