ALERT ALERT : All those College plans might have to be suspended after all The High Court has banned all water sports activities including Water Rafting,Paragliding due to the absence of any Policy present in order to regulate these activities.This has come as a huge blow to the State of Uttarakhand since it was known for it’s water activities and the adventures they used to offer.

The Court observed that these Activities were being carried out without any policy, the step has been taken in order to safe guard the Environment and as well as the People indulging in these activities and adventures The order has come as a huge shock for the Tourism sector of the state, The order was made available on Thursday and clearly states that The State Government should prepare a transparent policy in this regard within a period of 2 weeks.

The Court also said : That we are shocked to know that state government is permitting camping sites on river beds which pollutes the environment as well as the ecology of the river. It has Ordered that they should not allow cars and other vehicles up to the river to avoid long congestions

Environmental activist Harinder Dhingra said, “We cannot have vehicles being driven on the river beds and people camping there. They leave behind litter. The plastic that is dumped there is choking our rivers and we have also seen accidents in the past.”

Business is important for tourism revenue but the environment and people’s safety is paramount

tourism must be promoted but it is required to be Regulated

The court remarked that “sports for pleasure cannot be permitted to end in disaster” while adding that the state government could not permit the use of rivers without fixing reasonable charges and inviting bids in a transparent procedure.

Paragliding is equally if not regulated.The water sports in big lakes like Tehri dam can prove Fatal. These are Required to be Regulated

The court also stated that river rafting paragliding are permitted even without fixing the minimum rates, which is not fair to the tourists.

There is a possibility that the Ban implied by the High Court might prove to be quite helpful for the people, since the safety of the people has also been put into question, thus the policy which will be formed could be helpful since sports and pleasure cannot be permitted to end in a Disaster after all.


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