Monday, January 20, 2020
Editorial We All Need Timetables in Life,You Know Why?

We All Need Timetables in Life,You Know Why?


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We all must have noticed that whenever someone says, “timetables”, we all form an image of school or college timetable. But, you know what ? Timetables are now very much required in our daily life as well.

This is because timetables serve us with a lot of benefits, such as :

  1. It makes us more efficient – It is evident that when we have a set routine to follow, it reduces the need to make decisions. And therefore, when our activities become standardised, we become more efficient.
  2. It Saves time, the most valuable thing on planet – When we have a schedule to follow, we have save our time eventually because then we don’t have to spend time on planning and decision-making. 
  3. It makes us more proficient – When we have a routine to follow, we eventually start doing things in a smart and thorough way because we are doing it regularly but in a systemised manner. 
  4. It reduces procrastination  It is true that when we have a set of tasks and activities in our schedule, it reduces the chance of procrastinating while doing them. 
  5. It builds confidence  When we adhere to a routine and stick with it, it helps build self confidence and hence, gives us a sense of tremendous satisfaction as we are able to complete all our tasks on time. 
  6. Frees up our time – Following a schedule provides us with more free time. This is because a particular task is assigned for a particular time period and hence, extra time is not required here and so it is saved. 

Hence, we surely need timetables in our lives because it creates a structure and provides us with a framework. In fact, timetables also reduces stress and facilitate relaxation as we do not have to think and worry about what needs to get done as we already have a “plan”.

So, start your own routine with this new day!

Jayati Bhasin
I am a student of Humanities at Maitreyi College, Delhi University. I am a huge fan of books, the moon, monuments, mountains, stationery and all the little things. Being good in my suras, I have also been a State Level Singer in the past. Apart from this, I love to write about anything (in fact, everything). Hope you find my work intriguing. Happy reading! 🌻


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