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Weird Games That Made Childhood Fun

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Some got over with Boards and entrances are on,‘kisi ki internship shuru hogayi hai’ and there are still some who are procrastinating by just staring at that holiday homework circular.Whatever stage of life you are at,it‚Äôs never too late to miss bachpan¬†ki masti‘.Catching up with old friends, and remembering old times is the best way to refresh and boost up your mind for the complications in life ahead.If I say,‘teacher,teacher‘¬†or may be¬†‘pakdam pakdayi’,there would be a stream of visuals running across your mind.

Here are a few ‘silly’¬†games jinhone bachpan ki yaadon ko yaadgaar banaya.

Tic Tac Toe 

The most cliché yet the most evergreen game which cuts across ages and time periods is tic tac toe. Popularly known as “Zero Kaanta”, you can be sure to never get bored with this one.  I’m so in love with it that I even downloaded an app of Tic Tac Toe in my phone.


Joining The Dots

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“Yeh  game khela sabne hai, par naam jaanta koi nahi”. It’s your very own ‘dots waala’ game that just requires a sheet and a pen and you are sorted. Whether in your free period at school or with cousins and family while travelling, you can play it anytime, anywhere.


Name Place Animal Thing

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This is the only game that states what it is about. Try and translate it in Hindi. Sounds funny, right? You all must have cherished this game several times and I’m sure “sabki suyi letter Q ya X par aakar atak jaati hogi”. “Q se animal kaunsa hota hai” which is one very common question that keeps boggling every 8 year olds mind. I hope “ab aata haina?”



Bachpan se we‚Äôve been taught to plant trees and save paper. Then ‚Äúadarsh bachon ki tarah‚Äù we all must have developed this game called atlas.¬† Killing two birds with one stone was our way. After all, what‚Äôs a better way to become ‚Äú dharti ke rakhwaale‚Äù and still have fun. Talking about the nitigrittes of this self-created game, at least once all of you may have landed up in a situation where you felt there‚Äôs no more country with the letter ‚ÄúA‚Äù, like a smooth sailing boat “jo achanak doobti nazar aa rahi ho‚Äù.


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Search the newspaper


Never heard of this game? I don’t know if it was common among your friend circle but we were all crazy about it. While the teacher used to think we are actually reading it, “hum toh school se subscribed newspaper ka alag hi productive use karte the”. Coming on a consensus with a letter from  the “English Alphabet”, one would scrutinize the entire  front page, scanning and encircling words beginning with the chosen letter. The person who managed to encircle the maximum no. of words, “woh vijayata kehlata tha”.

Keep that smile on. I can bet all of you must have got lost in your childhood memories recalling these games and many others that made bachpan ka time a reverie. Computerised games of today can never give us the same amount of pleasure. ‚ÄúChahe aajkal Candy Crush ka Zamana kyun na ho, Dil toh phir bhi bachaa hai ji’

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