What Delhi University Students Feel About Open Book Exams

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Amidst all the pandemic uncertainties and apprehensions, Delhi University has been pressing the nerves of every third-year student through OBE i.e. Open Book Test. The indecisiveness about the dates, lack of technical support, vagueness about the format, and much more has left the students anxious.

DU Express, connected with students from various colleges to provide a voice to their opinions.

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“Students are in complete distress due to the unaddressed issues and manipulations of arguments by DU authorities. The insensitivity and mismanagement have left no student with enough mental well-being to take exams. Being the President of My department, I received constant phone calls from students with several queries relating to changing schedule of exams and indecisiveness of DU authorities.” said Madhur, President, Ramjas College B.A.Programme

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Final Year students are especially in distress for losing their last days of college, their fests, further uncertainties and non-cooperative attitude of the authorities has only induced more stress and confusion. 2020 has been full of unrest with the DUTA protests, faulty mid sem evaluation, and CAA protests leaving many students with nightmares.

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Ritwika, a History Hons. students from Kamala Nehru College says Apart from the mental trauma that the system (not just OBE but also the administration of the university) has given to its outgoing batch, it has also uncovered DU’s inherent, feudal-like insensitivity that it operates its functions with, being inconsiderate about the different backgrounds of its students, but also been ignorant towards the high gap between the economical differences and obstacles that come along.”

Little or rather no consideration has been given to students from Kolkata and the North East regions who have had to bear much with natural disasters flushing through. In a situation where they lack the basic means to support themselves, expecting students to appear for their exams will not only be an insensitive but also a farfetched thought.

“Amphan wrecked havoc in Kolkata. The devastation was unimaginable. On top of that, the conduit conversations and fluctuating decisions of UGC and DU have made the life of every student now a chessboard.” said a sociology student from Kolkata who does not wish to be named.

Final year students further have to juggle between entrances and semester exams, for which DU has done nothing to support. Rather Delhi University is further making it difficult for students to manage the situation.

“When no actual teaching was conducted and at least 50% of students are devoid of books. In the name of the material, we aren’t provided with anything. We were forced to submit assignments. My biggest concern is my entrance for which I had to take coaching and buy books. But the university is so eager to take exams without any plan for the future. The thing which makes me stressed the most is that because of this action of the University I might have to repeat one whole year for no reason. “ said Sonakshi, ABVP district convenor (Lajpat Zilla).

No classes, No material, No cooperation, and No sensitivity. This is what Delhi University has come to. Days in lockdown have not been easy for anyone but they are turning impossible for the outgoing batch. 

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Mallika Barsaley
A 2nd-year student pursuing B.A.Programme with a knack of writing. A budding journalist and an all-time explorer. General Secretary of B.A.Programme Association of Kamala Nehru College.

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