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What to expect from the Hansraj College 𑁋 a freshers’ guide

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Hansraj is one of the most prestigious colleges of the University of Delhi. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) has ranked it as the ninth-best college in India. Located in the North Campus of the University, it proves its eminence through its notable alumni with legendary figures like Shahrukh Khan, Anurag Kashyap and Gunjan Saxena.

This article talks about the College’s everyday experience, but don’t miss out on our previous article for detailed information regarding its courses, societies and facilities.

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Daily Hassle with E – Rickshaws Drivers

Hansraj is the farthest college from the Vishwa Vidyalaya metro station. If you are preparing to come to the college from this metro station, expect reluctant drivers and daily morning negotiations with them. They often refuse solo Hansarain passengers as it requires a longer ride. Be prepared to come super early to the station and find others like you to reach your classes on time!

Apart from transportation challenges, Hansraj offers the best location on campus. It is closest to the Kamala Nagar Market. One only has to cross the street to go to restaurants like Taco Bell, Ricos, McDonald’s; cute shopping centres like Miniso; bookshops like Bookland and accommodations like Oxford Caps.

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The Infrastructure of the College

The College is divided into three blocks 𑁋 usually, the A block is for Commerce students, B block for science students and C for humanities students. This isn’t strict compartmentalisation, but generally, most classes take place in this order. While the A block is kept more up to date with its air-conditioned classrooms and newer desks, the C block has peeling walls, smaller classrooms and lacks cooling systems. 

Restrooms in these blocks are usually unkempt and unsanitary, while those in the Library are more manageable. Dirty windowsills, classrooms bustling with pigeons and College dogs is the normalcy in Hansraj. 

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The College campus isn’t the most spacious, but it has a friendly and cordial environment. The beginning of the semester is filled with Nukkad Nataks by the Dramatics Society, as well as orientation ceremonies and auditions by other performative societies.

The common hangout spots are in LP (the Lovers’ Point), the Canteen or the common playground. The canteen bhaiyas are some of the most friendly faces for a fresher, and the food is quite affordable too. The canteen’s cold coffee is a bang for its bucks!

Administration and the Teaching Staff

Professors are generally regular in their classes. However, this is subjective to the course and the class. Most professors and societies are politically progressive, though the administration has allegedly physically intervened in a CAA protest that took place within the college campus.  

The political climate during elections isn’t too intense, unlike some of the other colleges. Hansraj generally only sees a couple of major campaign rallies inside the campus.

Internship Opportunities and Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) 

The college has a very active online internship portal and other market-oriented societies that provide many internship opportunities. Other societies like Ostraca – the creative writing society, Swaranjali – the singing society and Terpsichorean – the choreography society are incredibly active and demanding. Missing classes is almost vital to be in societies like these. Unfortunately, the college administration does not award attendance to students who log hours into ECA.

In the end, Hansraj college isn’t a perfect institution, but it has a fantastic student body, distinguished professors and a vibrant environment that will keep your college days bustling!

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