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What’s It Like To Be A Part Of A College Society

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Whether it’s a Dance Society,a Finance and Investment Cell, Debating Society,Literary Club or anything else,it feels great to be a part of the team.Though different societies have different work and objectives,there are a few features which are common to all. Being a society member myself,I’ll tell you what those common features to every society are :

1. Society is our Family.

Society is not just about doing and performing things together. It’s much more.Gradually,it becomes a big part of us.The fellow members become our family and it’s common to spot us with them everywhere.We eat,laugh,cry,learn and celebrate together.

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2. We are the true beneficiaries of those 10 Year Books.

While we work hard to achieve new heights for our society,we forget to check on our classes.Amidst the competitions,practices,performances, events,studies take a back seat.But,no worries,we’ve a blessing.Yes, I’m talking about 10 Years.For the last minute preparation,it helps a lot and it’s the reason why we’re surviving.

3. Everyone thinks we party a lot!

What people think about us-We Party a lot.Yes,this is true but this is not the only thing we do.We work our asses off and when we get recognition,it calls for a party.We believe in “Work Hard and Party Harder”.

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4. Teachers don’t recognise us.

Huh, well this is a harsh truth.It’s uncommon for teachers to recognise us.Low attendance explains it all.

5. We are the wanderers, explorers,performers,learners, travelers,etc.

Thanks to the competitions,we travel a lot.We explore different campuses,different cities,diversified cultures and much more.Did I mention food,a great variety (just to make you jealous). It’s one of the best thing to experience,traveling together,staying awake at night,playing games and what not.

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6. Our Networking game is Strong!

Name a college in the city and there are high chances of us knowing at least one person from there.We’ve friends from different places and we never fall short of places and people to visit next.

7. Perks of being in a College Society.

Yes, Hard work pays off.

In the end, we’ve things to be proud of.Whether it’s a college event or something else,we are called to showcase what we have.And believe us,there’s nothing better than to see our own people enjoying our performance.All those whistles, claps and hootings make us what we are.It keeps us going.Getting recognition at one’s own place is unmatchable.

8. We learn ‘How to Manage’ a lot.

Being in a society makes us good managers.We learn to deliver results on time, manage different things,solving last minute problems etc.Working under pressure when we have things lined up is not easy,but it’s worthy.

You know it’s special to be here and it’s going to stay with you for lifetime.

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