What’s Next After Such High DU Cut-Offs ?

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Delhi University recently released it’s first and second cut-offs and no doubt,they are soaring so high that even the sky seems easier to reach.Students all over have been taking out their frustration through social media,memes,posts etc. among other serious problems like depression and anxiety.

The above statement might seem ridiculous but once one realizes the dry and critical humour in it,it will shock one to their core.

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Blaming Delhi University for this would be no good. Going to the roots of this major problem is necessary.

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Delhi University has limited number of seats and the number of students who applied are far greater,so there has to be a way to filter them and to choose the cream, this is possible through setting high cut-offs.But these high cut-offs are basically the visible blunderous results of our Indian education system.CBSE board,ICSE board, Bihar board and all other boards have been giving marks liberally to students.100 out of 100 in language subjects like English and theoretical subjects like History,Psychology make no sense at all.Even 100 in technical subjects like Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry depict how these papers are based on one repetitive pattern with questions that test the cramming ability of students.These high marks are no indicator of more educated,smart,or well informed youth,rather the 9 to 5 slaves who run after marks and not knowledge.With the cut-offs rising as high as 99.75 and even 100% few years back for B.Com.(Hons.) at SRCC,I wonder what’s next?What will happen after each subject reaches this cent percent perfection?

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All this leads us to this question-Do marks define us?Am i less educated if I score 5 marks less than the cut-off ?Is that score on a piece of paper that we proudly call as report, everything?What happened to more personalized and comprehensive testing measures like interviews, discussions,essays?If all this isn’t materialistic,I don’t know what is.

Our current education system doesn’t promote education at all,rather pushes us into a never ending rat race.We spend 13-14 years in school and even after spending almost a quarter of our life we aren’t ready to face the real world!Even a specialized undergraduate course of years doesn’t make us ready.Why isn’t our education system focusing on creating an educated youth,with overall enhanced skills and knowledge development?

But,it is not just the management or the education system which is at fault,we as well are since all we do is complain and complain about how the education system sucks,but do nothing else.

It is high time to bring a revolution which makes the future of our country and its people brighter and better.

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Palak Aggarwal
palak is a literature student who loves books and coffee.

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