Whatsapp Adds ‘Dismiss As Admin’, ‘Recover Deleted Files’, Group Video Calls Also On The Way

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Aman Chhabra
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WhatsApp has become the world’s most popular messaging app. In recent weeks, WhatsApp has added many features and updates to make the messaging app more useful for users.

The most recent Whatsapp update now makes it less awkward to remove someone as a group administrator. In keeping with the messaging application’s update, they will also be adding group calls sometime this year.

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From “Recover Deleted File” to “how to stop sharing data with Facebook”, these are the five latest updates to make your life easier and more tech-savvy:-

1.WhatsApp has rolled out the ‘dismiss as admin‘ feature for iOS and Android users. According to a report on WAbeta Info, the feature is available as Android version 2.18.116 and iOS version 2.18.41. The new option ‚Äì dismiss as admin ‚Äì allows an administrator to dismiss another one without removing him from the group.

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2.WhatsApp has finally introduced its payment feature for beta users. The new feature, which will let users Request Money from their contacts. The feature is currently rolling out on WhatsApp beta for Android v2.18.113 in India. To request money from someone via WhatsApp Pay, the users need to go to Settings, followed by a tap on Payments and then New Payments. After that, the user needs to either choose the UPI ID or the Scan QR code option. An option saying Request Money will now pop-up, besides the Send Money option.

3.WhatsApp has a solution now for those who have deleted downloaded files. When a user has downloaded the media, the file automatically would get deleted from WhatsApp server. WhatsApp has modified this with the new update. Now, WhatsApp doesn’t delete the files from its server even after the former is downloaded by users. This allows the users to download the media file again even if the files have been deleted.

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4.WhatsApp’s another new update allows the users to lock audio recordings on Android devices. To get to the locked audio recordings feature, you will have to tap and hold the “mic” icon in the chat. The option of a ‘lock’ will appear after 0.5 seconds. After you make a note of the ‘lock microphone button’ you should be able to slide your finger up to start the lock recording. If you have locked the audio recording, WhatsApp will allow you to navigate the chat with you not holding the microphone button.

5.After the recent row over Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, WhatsApp came up with a security update to avoid sharing your data with Facebook. The messaging app introduced two steps to feel safe and continue using the app. Firstly, you need tap on the account section on WhatsApp settings. The last option will be able to see is where you need to tap the check mark to the right of Share my account info. To disable the feature, tap Don’t Share.

Amazing Updates On The Way:-

Whatsapp is also testing out group calls for both voice and video calling but this feature has not yet been made available to the public. Even beta testers are locked out of this one but it’s one of the more important features that we have come across in the last few months. It’s also not clear how exactly this will work yet but it will most probably be announced sometime this year.

When the feature eventually comes to users it might be a very cheap way for small businesses to make conference calls or just a great social tool for a group of friends looking to catch up. This will probably be the biggest update since Whatsapp added the Status feature last year (unless I’m missing something). A lot of people, myself included, will be waiting for this feature.

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