Why Is “Me” Time Important For Mental Health

Spending time with yourself is extremely important as the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one in your life. And in fact, studies have shown that having more “me time” has its own benefits like increasing productivity, happiness, gratitude and empathy.


Here’s why you should spend more time with yourself-

It makes your head peaceful 

When you spend with yourself, it gives you the opportunity to sit from the usual chores and look at your life and prioritise everything accordingly. In fact, it gives you a clearer perspective of what’s going on and so, you’ll be able to be more focused. 

You get to know yourself 

When you will spend some time with yourself, you’ll get to know things about yourself wheich you’ve never have known earlier. You’ll get to know about your thoughts and feelings and, why and how you react in a certain way when caught up in some particular situations. And hence, “me time” would prepare you to deal with future situations. 

You become less dependent on others

As spending time with yourself makes you appreciate your own company, it also makes you realise that you don’t have to depend on anyone for your own happiness. 

You become more creative

We’ve seen that in the past that all the creativeminds spent their lives behind locked doors and hence, came up with most creative and significant works and results. Therefore, when you are all by yourself, you become more creative as there are less life hassles. 

You become more authentic

When you start spending time with yourself, you become more comfortable with being “you” and not what others want you to be. And in this way, you become more honest with yourself. 

You realise that you are enough

It is simple, if you can’t be happy with yourself then how can you even be happy? Hence, spending time with yourself makes you realise that you are enough in all aspects.

Hence, in the end it is much evident that “me time” is very important for everyone so that they realise their true worth and that they are enough.

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