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College Diaries : Kamala Nehru College (KNC)

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Garima Bhatia
Garima is currently pursuing B.A. (Hons) Journalism from Kamala Nehru College. Being a part of the theatre society of her college, she believes that strong words written with conviction are enough to stir a million hearts and bring the change our society needs.
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If you are an independent, unassailable woman with a strong, distinct voice of her own, KNC is the place for you. If you are a voracious reader with a nomadic mind that often drifts away into the world of books, KNC is the place for you. If you are a die-hard foodie with an abysmal belly that can swallow anything and everything, KNC is the place for you. If you are a high headed, hard-core feminist who wishes to bring a change around her, then KNC is definitely the best place for you.
Here are a few of the many reasons why any female DU aspirant should opt for Kamala Nehru College.

An Excellent Faculty

The college offers you a modest, refined set of professors who help you excel not just academically but ethically as well. The lectures and assignments given by them are unique, interesting and informative. They guide and encourage you to perform better and bring out the best in you. They are not just a bunch of teachers but your guardians as well who will never fail to look out for you at every step.

The Canteen

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It is quite impossible and unfair to not mention the words ‘canteen’ and ‘food’ while talking about Kamala Nehru College. Ranked amongst one of the best canteens of Delhi University, the place is pure heaven for a food buff whose stomach growls every now and then. Stuffed with mouth watering food (Chhole Bhature and Cheese Pasta being the most popular), the canteen houses spacious indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangements along with Nescafe and Coca Cola booths.

The Chaupal

The prized possession of Kamala Nehru College, the Chaupal is basically a peaceful area, more like a natural amphitheatre made out of sprawling green trees that form a beautiful canopy above the place. It is the best place to sit and grab a bite or read a book or gossip or do whatever you want! It is always flooded with oodles of students, laughing, chattering, eating, studying and simply enjoying the fresh air around them. KNC’s Chaupal is undoubtedly one of its kind.

knc chaupal kamala nehru college

The Societies

If you have a talent, then KNC is there for you to exploit it. The Chaupal comes to life when it reverberates with the sounds of “KNC KA LAKSHYA!” and every living soul in the vicinity comes to know that the college’s Street Play Society, Lakshya is practicing in the area. The dulcet sounds of the daphli and djembe merging together bring a tingling sensation to your skin while the voice of Lakshya stirs a million emotions in your heart. Besides that, Enigma-The Western Dance Society and Sangeetika-The Indian Musical Society of KNC are amongst the most successful and well recognized ones in the DU circuit.

Efficient Transportation

Being a part of the South Campus, the college is located at Siri Fort Road with Green Park Metro station being the nearest one. The moment you step out of the gates of the metro station, the competitive and eager auto wallas will literally pounce upon you and safely take you to your desired destination for a mere thirty bucks!


The college houses one of the biggest and the best libraries in DU. Well maintained and well equipped with books from every genre, it also keeps all the required course guides and textbooks that are readily available for students during exams.

And finally,

There is something about the air of KNC that makes it so serene and different. It’s an awesome place to spend the next three years of your life. You’ll know it once you become a part of it!

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