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Why One Should Participate In Competitions Organised By College Societies

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After getting few number (exactly 6)¬† registrations in a poem writing competition organised by a society in my college, I realised the reason for the less number might be either due to lack of information or students not knowing why they should participate in competitions. Many students are not competitive enough and many feel that their skills and talents don’t need anybody’s validation. Through this article, I’ll try to offer, if not convince, reasons why participating in such competitions is important.

1. What you are good at : Hit & Trial 

This is if you know that there is something you are good at, it can be anything. The activities or skills that you are good at could be creative writing, story telling, poem recitation and other competitions that require you to showcase number of skills. Competitions provide you with enough time & a good audience to judge the degree of improvement/development you need to bring in order to be better.

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For freshers and beginners who are lost can use this opportunity as hit & trial and get best use out of it.

2. Practising and trying hard

This often happens to people, that after getting number of failures in several competitions they no longer feel an urge to participate in them. But the truth is, the more you participate, the more it will require you to prepare and the more you will go & face different audiences. Yeah You got it right! Eventually you will get better at that skill.Also as the college changes, audience changes and there is a good chance people will forget you. So never fear rejections.

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3. They are Free

Not to make you laugh. But yeah ! Participation in these competitions cost you nothing (except in some special¬† colleges; Satyawati College and PGDAV where it cost INR 20 or INR 50 for registration in a competition). They even provide you with a stage where people are just there to listen to your writings (or read in case of creative writing). There is a good chance you can receive a Food Coupon & hand made book marks for your ‘valuable’ participation. I got one in LSR fest TARANG’19 this year.

4. Unofficial Tickets to attend Cultural Festivals

Have no bucks but you still desire to attend annual festivals for celebrity nights, EDM or for having fun ! Well, competitions might act as a ticket for having fun & attending celebrity nights and EDMs.

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Go participate in competitions organised during annual festival by Colleges and Once you enter for competitions. You get to enjoy the entire day.

It doesn’t matter how bad you were in competition. You are not as bad as you think you are, and the best person too has their rainy days!

5. Sometimes luck works

When the best people miss the participation in a competition, the chances of your win increases. Yeah inversely proportional!

Participating in number of competitions can provide you with a cushion of more developed & more prepared content and confidence. So you might win some bucks as well!

Not to mention you can keep those certificates to just show off and/or add in your Curriculum Vitae.

Enjoy, Learn, Participate and Make Friends from different colleges (this is an asset as well)!

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