According to the All India Survey on Higher Education by MHRD, out of 2.90 crores enrolled undergrad students, about 95 lakh are enrolled in Bachelors of Arts courses, while Bachelors of Sciences have 48 lakh students. This makes up about 50% of the total undergraduate students in India. As BA/BSc are non-professional courses, the candidates pursuing such courses have a hard time finding productive employment.



It is not that the graduates in these courses lack skills. The truth is, our country lacks the required industries to absorb these students. For example, a science student, if he continues to pursue sciences, would become an expert in certain laboratory techniques. These may be useful in, say, a pharmaceutical research company. Now, India lacks such companies which invest much in research. As a result, the students remain unemployed.


The CBCS was introduced with the objective of offering students a choice in their undergrad studies. However, it has all turned out to be one big sham.

On paper, students can select from a variety of courses. But most colleges generally fix the papers offered, leaving no choice for students. Also, in the name of skill enhancement courses(SECs), students are taught subjects which are in concurrence with their field and not adding to it. For example, BSc Life Sciences students have to study sericulture as an SEC in their second year. What I fail to understand is how the study of production of silk add to the employability of the students!


Contrary to what is believed in middle-class households, being a doctor or an engineer isn’t as rewarding as it assumed. According to a study by LinkedIn, the most promising jobs and the most in-demand skills are all in alternative careers.

The skill sets required for these careers can be easily learned by any interested person. India, being a service-driven country needs such trained individuals the most.

The government should, therefore, plan on introducing such courses catering to the demands of the industry at the undergrad level. The courses should carry the credits of an SEC and should be interchangeable with the conventional SECs.

This way, not only students will find meaningful employment, but the country will make a major addition to its workforce, and hence its development.

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