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Exams are finally over and the long summer break is here.Some of you might have already made plans for a relaxing or a fun trip,while I am sure many of you might be confused to whether do an internship or just spend it binge watching your favourite show.I know the choice is tough,but one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do.

Here is our take on why you should consider doing an internship :

1.Trial Period

You know how you have always imagined yourself working in this one industry or in this one particular department and thought,of how wonderful it would be?But what if it’s completely different from what you thought it would be and you do not enjoy working there at all?Hence my friend,an internship.

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It gives you an insight towards the area that you are interested in,and shows you the reality.Better to work a month and not enjoy it rather than your whole life.

2. Strengthen your CV

You obviously need a good education background but having experience such as in an internship gives you an edge over others.A strong CV is quite important, be it in finding further jobs or even if you plan to do a Master’s ahead.

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3. Networking

During an internship you are guided by a mentor who shows you about what all you need to do and how you need to do it.If you end up leaving a good impression on them or even on your co-workers there is a good chance you might be hired for a full time job. Building professional contacts goes a long,you never know when they could return you a favour.

4. Stipend?!

This is not always the case as not all internships offer a stipend but we still decided to include this in the list.Money is definitely the driving force and gives you the much needed motivation to not be a lazy bum.

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If you are lucky enough to land a stipend job,you also get to have a taste of sweet independence,and not have to be interdependent on your parents.

5. It’s about the journey

Good or bad,an experience teaches you a lot and gives you memories for a lifetime.I am sure you will leave a more confident person than when you joined in.Not to forget all the skills you gained all this while.It will be worth it.Good Luck.

Get started with finding an internship by clicking this link—>¬†Internships

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