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Why We Need a Break From Our ‘Always Online Life’

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She stared blankly at the empty hall,

As her phone beeped again and again.

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Could she ever tear down the self-made wall?

Erected between the world and her, in vain.

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Her blood boiled, her cheeks turned red,

As her body shook like the leaves battling the rustling wind.

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It’s been long since she calmly went to bed,

For to her mobile and computer she’s been forever pinned.

What began in fun turned obsessive and cold,

Sweeping her away while losing track of time.

To technology was her soul sold,

Sadly the devil won and she got limed.

How many times have you gone to meet friends and in reality have just sat with each other, hands and eyes glued to your phones? How many times have your parents, or anyone really around you, complained and made snarky comments about how slowly instead of palms, you’d have digital devices instead?

We human beings have a knack for ruining our lives, letting things get completely bizarre. Our ultimate succumbing to the tentacles of technology is one of the many examples of human stupidity. Creating a life void of any human contact, unflagging use of cell phones to check Facebook or Whatsapp and living perpetually in the virtual world speaks volumes about the venom that has spread in our bodies and affected our whole potential of thinking judiciously. The toxin of technology is something which is omnipresent in every person belonging to the current generation which lives in the fish bowl of digitization. If you take this person out from the bowl and present to him/her a life devoid of technological connection, there are ample chances of him/her losing sanity.

Frequent and prolonged use of computers, cell phones, tablets, or any other electronic device completely screws up the body mechanism. Some common activities like checking our mobiles for texts, alerts or calls even when they aren’t ringing or vibrating, being continuously online on social networking sites have immense adverse effects on our health. Lack of healthy food and exercises further accentuate the probability of malaise. Sitting and working on laptops for straight long hours lead to severe back pains and problems in the vertebral column. The amount of strain and pain our eyes endure every time we look into any digital screen alarming because it shots up the possibility of reduced vision or dangerous eyesight problems. Many of us have the habit of sleeping with cell phones near the pillow. It’s a highly repugnant habit for it subjects people to perilous radiations causing damage to human brain. Even our hearing capacity is adversely affected when we talk for long hours on cell phones. I guess, life was much better and safer when apple and blackberry were just fruits!


Don’t gamble your life away in this mad obsession for digital gadgets. There is profound need for “digital detox” to help our body and mind regain their stability and efficiency. Relaxing in a garden while pondering over the mysteries of life is better than playing video games on your computers. Contacting someone personally or hugging them lovingly is always better than a text or a call. No amount of online books and reading can overcome the magic of the fragrance of ink and paper, or of the fresh glue. The feel one gets as one rambles their fingers across the crisp paper of novels is something which cannot be felt while reading stuffs online. And plus it’s also health-friendly! The joy of spending some quality time with parents, friends or cousin is more momentous than any social networking experience. Go grab the moments before they are lost. Step into the world and kiss the sunlight as you detox yourself from the venom of digitization. Break away from the choking veil and BREATHE!!

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