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Why You Should Join NSS In A Delhi University College

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The Motto of NSS is “NOT ME, BUT YOU”.Moreover,

‚Ä¢ NSS helps the students to develop a sense of selfless service and appreciation of the other person’s point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings.
• The philosophy of NSS underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of society as a whole.
• NSS volunteers shall strive for the well-being of the society.

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Let us look on how NSS benifits us!

1. ‘Social Work’ Enough with writing articles about problems in society, if you really want to do something, you can join NSS in your college.

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2. ‘Knowledge’ There are different departments like ‘Editorial’ which reports NSS events to be published on NSS Facebook page and/or blog. ‘ CreativeTeam’ which designs posters of the events in Photoshop etc. ‘Web Development’ Team which manages NSS website. So, if you are really interested to learn these things under seniors and have a work experience, you can try.

3. ‘Career Advantages’ If in an event, you work as an NSS volunteer in collaboration with a NGO, you can get certificate of the NGO. You can definitely write in your CV, about your volunteering at NSS. NSS is nationally recognized society.

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Following advantages are valid for all college societies-

1. ‘Contacts’ You get to meet a lot of new people of other branches and year and you make new friends. You get a social circle to hang out with and organize events with different people.

2. ‘Seniors’ You work with different seniors, and they help you or guide you in NSS and also otherwise, academically.

3. ‘Personality Development’ You develop much needed confidence, leadership qualities and social tactics. Really important if you were a geek/nerd or very shy while talking to people.

Here are some of the benefits among many:

1. Discipline: during the camp,you are given a fixed shedule and it requires you to wake up at 5, followed by exercise and so on. Having a routine induces discipline in your day to day life.

2. Understanding ground realities : living in the comforts of our homes we fail to realize grassroot level problems. Once you get exposed or when you are assigned task which involves physical work you realize it is not as easy as it sounds.

3. You learn to work as a team : several teams are formed and you are assigned different tasks or games based on this.

4. Time management : every task is given a fixed time within which you have to complete it. Tasks and games includes skit,mime,debates, newspaper making etc.

5. You get rid of stage fear: here, you get a lot of opportunities to perform in stage wheather it dance,music or literary.

6. You make a lot of friends : last but not the least, staying together for 7 days and working as a team will let you have awesome friends.

7. You learn to cook: as I said earlier,each team will have to take up mess duty on a particular day. Hence for me personally I learnt basics of cooking from novice.

8. You learn to socialise : since you are not given you phones you spent most of the time talking 🙂

9. You’ll have a lot of fun : feild trips,games ,camp fire and other activities makes the camp memorable.

10. Sharing is caring : you have your food together often sharing your plate with two or three.

11. You learn to socialise : since you are not given you phones you spent most of the time talking 🙂

12. You also get several other benefits like leadership qualities, adjust with limited facilities,game tactics etc. You are also give several personality development talks and games.

I’ve just name a few benefits. Overall I can assure you that joining NSS is a worthwhile experience.

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