Why You Should Watch Netflix’s New Series : ’13 Reasons Why’

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Unless you have been living under a rock,you must have about the new show on Netflix called ’13 Reasons Why’. It revolves around the story of Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and lists off 13 reasons which led her to do it.

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As you watch the show you will realise how rumors, bullying, your ‘harmless’ jokes, stereotyping, impacts other people’s lives( Not that you need a show to make you realise that). But sometimes even your smallest of actions can hurt other people and may force them to take an extreme step, to make them realise why giving up is lot easier. They might me already going through a lot and that small joke of yours,might be the last straw for them.

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Do you know that 77% people in India are the victims of bullying, 36% go through depression and 15 people every hour commit suicide.

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So what you can do? Learn to be more open, friendly, recognise the signs of a depressed or suicidal person(extreme makeover, dark thoughts, Extreme change in moods etc).

And people who are going through this, talk to somebody, don’t keep it inside because you may or may not realise but there might be many Clay Jensen’s in your life who care about you, who want to be there for you. Giving up never was and will never be an option and as clich√© as it may sound but life is actually more than this.

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