Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job To Pursue Your Passion

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Leaving a full-time, salaried and loaded with perks job to pursue your dream might not be a very good idea. Most of us are mesmerized by people who are their own bosses, who take their own decisions, and are pursuing their childhood dream. Frustration from the monotonous desk job is pretty common and understandable, but if that’s the reason you wanna pursue your dream of becoming a photographer, then, stop. STOP AND THINK. Impulsively giving up a secure and well-defined future to pursue your passion isn’t a very smart idea. Entrepreneurial success stories are very inspiring, I get it. But then, the amount of perseverance and dedication that is put in are like the submerged ends of an iceberg.


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Your day job is the source that fulfills your basic and even luxury needs. It provides for your meals, supports your family and helps to pay off your debts. Taking up your childhood passion or dream shouldn’t be because your previous job makes you unhappy but because your new endeavor makes you happy. Your decision should be backed by hours and days of research and strategic planning for an exit option. As lucrative as your passion sounds, it should be realistic and practical too. Before giving up your corporate gig to become a full-time writer, think, why it took you so long to pursue that field?  What held you back before?

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Realistically speaking, your hobby isn’t your career path. For your hobby to become your job, your career, it should be backed with the required skill set. Before giving up your corporate life to become a comedian, ensure that you have the required abilities.  Doing something in your leisure time (when there are no deadlines to fulfill) is completely different from doing something from nine to five. If you really want to make an idea your job, then you’ll have to work extra hours. You’ll keep the job and do it outside of work hours. You’ll do it evenings and weekends. You’ll make it work. The day job and paycheck are seen as resources to bootstrap the new venture in the most optimal, steady, and sustainable way.

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There’s nothing like an overnight success. There’s always an extensive amount of focused effort and dedication behind that “overnight success”. Most of the famous entrepreneurs admitted that they started their venture along with their day job. Tested the waters and then after being satisfied from the results, took the dive into the waters. You shouldn’t take the “leap of faith” because it seems courageous or that’s what’s in, take it because your passion is better than your job.


Never give up your day job hastily to pursue your passion. Don’t let the flatness of your work let you take extreme decisions.  If you wanna become a writer, test yourself. See if you’re able to meet deadlines and write on topics that don’t please you. If you think you’re creative and not meant for the drudgery of numbers, then zero out one thing you’ll pursue after quitting. Don’t leave yourself confused between being a photographer, opening a bakery or an event manager.  Zero out one particular hobby of yours that you’re not only good at but also have the required skill set. In other words, before you quit your job or make your next career transition, take your time building the skills you’ll need to do that job well.

Analyze and think before you give up the bird in your hand to pursue the one hidden in the bush.

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