Why Your College Library Is So Important

Love reading a lot as a mode of escapism from your hectic life? Your college library might just be the perfect place for you!

Be it books, newspapers, question papers, syllabus and other innumerable reading material, college library has everything in store for its students. Some even have CDs available on various topics as well!

Abundant publications are present in various sections and categories which they belong to so that it is easy for students to find the work which they are looking for. Also, they can ask the librarian or search the catalogue if they are facing any difficulty in finding the material required.

Moreover, college libraries have both academic and non-academic resources available for the students. Therefore, they can get extra study material based on their curriculum and can also enjoy reading stuff which is not related to their course as well. Also, Wi-Fi enabled libraries can provide e-based learning opportunities.

The best thing about college library is undoubtedly the peaceful reading environment it provides. Away from all the commotion of the classrooms, students are able to concentrate on the work they are reading thoroughly. They are also expected to keep their phones on silent mode and aren’t allowed to talk to others to avoid unnecessary interruptions while studying.

It is worth noticing that Library provides books to the students for a specific number of days. Also, certain material which is not available for issuing is sometimes available for photocopying instead.

It is important to get to know about how one can avail the membership of college library, its timings, the book issuing period, how many books can one get issued at a time etc, as not adhering to the rules can lead to imposition of fine on the student.

Library is thus, a knowledge hub and students should definitely utilize the maximum benefits they can get from it.

Himanshi Munjal is currently pursuing B.A. (Hons.) English from Shaheed Bhagat Singh (M.) College, DU. Content writing and editing has always been her hobby and she is trying to further hone her skills through DUE. She also loves doing photography, watching wrestling, and playing musical instruments.


  1. What is the process of migration from one college to another one!?
    How much marks they want,and how will I know about the vacant seat in that colleges?


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