Thursday, June 4, 2020

Women In Different Careers – A Sign Of Gender Equality

As it has been quoted by various feminists, this era is righteously called the “FOURTH WAVE OF FEMINISM.” Talking of the present times,it has been observed how men and women are shifting to a “dual-income” mode of living. It means that both women and men have become the “bread-earners” for the family. They both are driven by their own aspirations.

Dating 21st May, 2018 the all-woman crew of Indian Navy’s sailing vessel Tarini earned their names on the golden pages of history by circumnavigating the globe in a formidable voyage comprising 254-day covering approximately 21,600 nautical miles. This venture was first ever of its kind undertaken by an all-women group. This extended beyond the boundary of doubt that women are no less capable than men in doing whatever they set their mind on to do. Pratibha Jhamwal, one of the team members of the six women crew said, “It took 2 years of preparation, dedication and belief in them by the senior officers that they could do it, that they were able to complete the task across dangerous high seas.”

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This is just one of such extra ordinary examples that shatter the patriarchial glass of sexism. No field can be claimed to be beyond the reach of women. All it takes is trust, faith and confidence in oneself to achieve the unconventional. And like they quote, “Rome was not built in a day”, similarly, women did not venture out out of the blue. It took years of persistence, struggle, optimism and most importantly courage.

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The fight for equality has been a strenuous struggle but has definitely reaped the fruit. This fruit considers women no less than the males. It does not stop them from expressing themselves beyond the walls of the house. It has enabled them to be opinionated, self-aware, independent and most importantly, questioning the wrongs in the society. Women are no longer interested in doing a mundane 9-5 jobs that will please their families.

We have women sports commentators like Mayanti Langer, women cricketers like Mithali Raj & Harmanpreet Kaur making as much headlines as men cricketers, women like Indira Nooyi (Former CEO of Pepsi Co), Vartika Joshi (Skipper for Tarini INSV) have all proved that there is no field that women cannot conquer. Finance was earlier thought to be a man’s domain, but now we have seen women taking over the same. A majority of leading banks have women at the top. Arundhati Bhattacharya, former Chairperson of SBI, and first woman to head SBI, has been listed as the most powerful woman by Forbes in 2016. Women have always been good entrepreneurs, but never ventured into the big leagues earlier, but today, women like Kylie Jenner, who at 21 years has been named by Forbes as the youngest self-made billionaire ever toppling Mark Zuckerberg who held the record earlier.

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