Working To Live Or Living To Work?

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“People work to pay for their livelihood, but throw their livelihood for their¬†jobs, which is a hugely contradicting thing to do.”

In other words, you need money to live. You need to work for money.

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Life is about trade offs. No one really has more than 24 hours a day, so you just have to make the best of the time you do have. We live out our lives working to pay to live, and then we use the time we bought to work more so we can live more, and this repeats. At this point, we’re just machines working until the engine expires.

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Work life has increasingly grown to disrupt and conflict with family time. This conflict can occur in instances when someone prioritizes their work over their personal life. Issues can be created within families and can lead to stressful living situations. Poor work-life balance can also contribute to emotional instability due to the stresses of trying to balance it all. When work exceeds a healthy balance with friends, family, and life’s challenges, and has a negative impact on the stated, it becomes an unhealthy affliction. The individual becomes a slave to an unhealthy obsession.

Think about how much time you have spent working and how much time you have left for the ones you love, friends, family, and also yourself. Is it balanced? If not, what can you change? Don’t let money lead your live. There are things much more important. For instance your own well-being.

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Mayank Saxena
Intelligent but underachieving, predominantely happy and funny but with a dark side to my personality. Basically, a walking contradiction.

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