World Mental Health Day : Mental Health Is The New Wealth

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We, the recipients of 2017 are least bothered about things which we should really care about- basically, as the title suggests, our MENTAL HEALTH.


We all are sapiens of 2017. Yes, the ones who live in a rat race of intense competition, the ones who fail to realize their own limits, the ones who love stressing themselves just to be THE BEST.

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All of you must have read/seen/ignored many articles/poems/books/YouTube videos with this alien but not so alien term “Mental Health.”

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But why pay heed, right? This one also is the same which tells me to be positive, have friends, eat healthy and exercise regularly.


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So, let me give a very simple example. How do you feel when someone sees your text and doesn’t reply, and you know it’s deliberate, because they are active on some other social media? It hurts somewhere right, that ignorance? That is exactly what you are doing right now- IGNORING YOUR OWN SELF!


I feel the stigma starts from here and within (as they say change starts from home). We all keep judging our inner voices that die to speak up. Even if we speak up, the most obvious replies are: “You will get through this”, “This happens with everybody, you are not alone” -all these make us convince ourselves that whatever we are going through is normal and not something extreme.

I watched this web series called “Twisted” featuring Nia Sharma, wherein there is a person suffering from an extreme aggressive syndrome. This person gets eventually killed by the police. I mean, instead of getting treated in a hospital, she got bullets in her chest.¬†(Like, seriously? What?)

The irony of our time is that we have become insensitive to what’s happening in our own lives, our own emotions.


This World mental health day, let‚Äôs not reach out or be part of awareness campaigns or post #worldmentalhealthday on our socials. Let‚Äôs just look within and discover our true selves. Let’s shun down our egos for a while, and accept ourselves, fully.

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