Worried About Getting Your First Job? Here’s How You Can Use Your College Network To Help You Get A Job

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October may seem awfully early in the college year to be thinking about how you’re going to get a job when you graduate. But students should take action as early as possible, if they are going to map out a promising track to getting a job straight out of college. Here are some ways to build a network from a scratch:


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Ask people you’re close with, such as friends, family, etc., for advice and introductions to people you want to meet. This will help you build confidence and meet new friends. Heck, you might even get a date out of it.

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College Professors and Administrators

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Your professors and administrators are a great resource for you – but only if you seek them out. Try to connect with them in their free time and they may give some wise advice for your career path.

LinkedIn Profile

Even if the profile is just a bare-bones list of the college you attend and your extra-curricular activities, it’s a good idea to create this early as most employers don’t troll Facebook looking for job candidates.


Like establishing a LinkedIn profile, it’s never too early to start interning. The best internships to get early on are with companies that have wide brand recognition.

Bottom line: if you have a shot at a good internship, take it!

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