Your Guide To Dressing Up For Diwali Melas This Festive Season

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The festival of lights is an amalgamation of various aspects, from being the most flowing festival to satisfying our sweet tooth, we have our own favourite moments with Diwali. While for most of us the celebration consists of dressing up, pooja and crackers, for Delhi University students its time to attend Diwali Mela’s.

The first thing that pops up in our heads is the attire. While it may be easy for some to decide, it can be a catch-22 for others. Thus, here are a few tips to help you create a stunning and chic outfit!

1. Quirky Denim

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Your guide to Dress up for Diwali Melas
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Quirky denim jackets are the talk of the town. With the perfect festive touch and comfort. Printed or artistic denim jackets teamed up with jeans or long ethnic skirts are the perfect outfit for Diwali Mela.

2. Crop Top over Choli

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Your guide to Dress up for Diwali Melas
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While choli might seem extravagant to the occasion. Teaming up a crop with heavy embroidery lehenga. Similarly, a bright coloured ghagra with a simple crop top is your catch this season. An effortless outfit without being too much!!

3. Bright Colours Always!

Your guide to Dress up for Diwali Melas
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Diwali is a season of brightness, lights and shine. Further Diwali Melas are usually during the days. Thus, bright colours like red, pink and blue are always good to go. However, it is advisable you team them up with a slightly lighter shade or a neutral tone.

4. Single Out The Heavy Part

Your guide to Dress up for Diwali Melas
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You may not want to be seen as a person just out of a wedding. Thus, only one part of your outfit should be heavy. If you have heavy blouse or top then keep your lower simple so that your whole outfit comes out as one. When we add a lot of heavy work on every piece of our outfit it not only becomes tiresome to carry but it also loses its essence.

5. Accessories 

Your guide to Dress up for Diwali Melas
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Personally I feel accessories are the best saviour. Big bold earrings teamed up with simple outfit can enhance your look like anything. Further, buying accessories from markets like Sarojni Nagar and Lajpat Nagar is so cheap that we can’t stop. It is possible you may not have the perfect dress waiting for you in your closet neither its reasonable to buy a whole new one. Thus, with great junk jewellery, any outfit can be enhanced.

6. Glitter All The Way

Your guide to Dress up for Diwali Melas
Image source : Pinterest

Diwali is all about lighting and glowing. So, shimmer shimmer shimmer all the way girls. Its time you use that favourite glittery eye shadow of yours. That highlighter you have been waiting to use, ladies this is the day for highlighting your cheekbones and glam away. Sparkle in your dress and sparkle in your eyes is all that you should have. So don’t shy away from glitter rather embrace it. After all its Diwali!!

Featured Image Source : Hindustan Times

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