10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss LSR Tarang 2017

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“Tarang is like a warm hug in the chilly Delhi Winters.”

It’s so powerful that it’ll motivate you enough for the rest of the semester. That’s not enough, given below are 10 reasons why you absolutely shouldn’t miss the Annual Cultural festival of Lady Shri Ram College for Women- Presented by Livon Serum this year.

1. Kenny Sebastian

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We can’t believe it. Kennyou?

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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss LSR Tarang 2017 kenny sebastian

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He is our favourite middle-class Macha,who taught us how to take a ‘bucket-bath’. He truly understands our parents and we can relate to him the most.He is coming to LSR and it’s non-ticketed. How can you not come?

2. EDM Night

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss LSR Tarang 2017 edm night

The EDM Nights provide you with a space where you can dance like there is no tomorrow. Being a student, every concert‚Äôs ticket seems as expensive as a diamond. We give you a chance to just come and enjoy the Night. Everything is on them and their sponsors 😉

3. Food Festival

From shakes to cakes you can find almost every possible food your tummy craves for. It’s a fest within a fest. They have something for everyone. You’ll be able to manage even if you are broke these days. You’re welcome to this Dawat-e-Tarang.

4. Amazing Workshop

Register, Register, Register!

There’s no time to think.They have workshops on Beat Boxing, Modern Calligraphy and Sculpting. This is your opportunity to learn and master the skill that you had always wanted to learn but had given up the idea just because the workshops were too expensive.

Website link: https://www.lsrtarang.com

5. Society Events With The Most Talented People In The Circuit

After rigorous rounds of prelims and selection, you can only find the best of the best people at LSR on these three days. The events are best in the circuit. The participants are the best in the circuit. Are you still thinking not to come?

6. Shopping Made Easy

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss LSR Tarang 2017

From Kalamkaari notebooks to Refrigerator magnets and from Garments to Jewellery, anything and everything can be spotted at Tarang. Shopping has just been made easy for you. Get ready to have a great time!

7. Games

Informal games like Hook or Crook, Mystery Quest et cetera are all lined up for you. Not just are they a fun way to relive your childhood but also a ticket for you to enter Tarang. Register for them now.

8. Exhibitions

There are Photo exhibitions, Comic Strips etc. all on display for you. They are sent in by participants from different colleges across the country. And of course the decor of the college specially exhibited for you. *Ding*

9. Starry Pro-Nights

Nothing can beat the most awaited starry pro-nights.We look forward to them all through the day. They have some really amazing Artists lined-up. Keep following the ‘LSR Tarang’ page on Facebook and other social media handles like Snapchat, Instagram, twitter and their official website- www.lsrtarang.com.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss LSR Tarang 2017 kanika kapoor

They already have Kanika Kapoor coming on 3rd February as a part of the competition launched by their Style Partners, Lulu and Sky.

10. The only time LSR gates are open for you

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss LSR Tarang 2017

The most important reason,it’s the only time,LSR gates are open to all students across the country. So hurry up, Do not miss this chance. You might regret it!

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