10 Secret Facts Every Brooklyn Nine Nine Fan (B99) Must Know About

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Brooklyn Nine Nine Intro Music plays. Wait! Yes, you’ve landed at the correct place! Don’t be surprised, aren’t you already used to weirdly cool cold opens and their association with Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American Procedural Comedy Television Series by Dan Goor and Michael Scur. Moreover, it is currently in its 7th Season while the 8th Season has been confirmed. 

Just like the title says, here are the 10 secret facts every Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan must know about!

1. Where did Daniels go?

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Remember Daniels? In the Pilot episode, when Sergeant Jeffords was giving Captain Holt the tour of the 99th precinct, he happened to introduced Detective Daniels along with Detective Hitchcock and Detective Scully as part of their main squad. However, Detective Daniels never showed up again. Where did she go?

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

2. Multi-colored folders

Of course, all of us Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans have noticed the Pride flag on Captain Raymond Holt’s desk but did you notice the folders arranged in a rainbow pattern right behind Holt’s chair, in his bookshelf? These folders have appeared in almost all the episodes. Sometimes, they’ve also made their appearance on Gina’s desk, as part of Holt’s personal touch to the precinct just like Cheddar’s picture in his office.

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

3. Not a Doctor, shh!

Are you even a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan if you don’t call out “Shh! Not a Doctor” at the end of every episode? Interestingly, a fan once tweeted Executive Producer Dan Goor, asking for the BTS story behind this phrase, to which he replied, “I was a biochemistry major in college and I was enrolled in med-school, but about two weeks before it started, I got a job writing for The Daily Show.” So, that’s where the name ‘Dr. Goor Productions’ and it’s catchphrase ‘Shh…Not a Doctor’ comes from.

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

4. The voice of FREMULON

In addition to the origin story of ‘Shh, Not a Doctor’, it is interesting enough to know that it is Actor Nick Offerman who says ‘Fremulon’ at the end of each episode. If you don’t trust me on it, then why don’t you check out the website https://doesnickoffermansayfremulon.com/

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

Nick Offerman also made an appearance in the show as Captain Holt’s ex-boyfriend Frederick in the episode with the wooden duck situation.

5. What if Stephanie Beatriz played the role of Amy?  

Do you know, Stephanie Beatriz, who currently plays the role of our beloved Rosa Diaz, auditioned for the role of Amy Santiago? Interestingly, Stephanie’s off-screen personality is closer to that of on-screen Amy’s than it is to Rosa’s. Even her real voice is not close to Rosa’s voice!

Recently, she was also caught in an interview where she shared how some of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans do not believe her when she tells them that she plays Rosa in the show.

Now that we are already in love with this mysterious girl who keeps an ax in her apartment; who could’ve even played her better than Stephanie?

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

6. The 78th Precinct

The shot of the Precinct building that appears at least once in every episode is actually the shot of the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn. Surprisingly, the entire series is not shot in Brooklyn but in Los Angeles, California.

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

7. The tale of the ‘Noine Noine!’ Chant

Mellissa Fumero recently revealed on twitter that the famous ’Nine-Nine’ chant was never a part of the original script. Terry Crews was the first one to bring forth this chant to pump up his team at work. And gradually it was incorporated in the show.

Fumero’s tweet said,” @terrycrews was the first one to start yelling NINE-NINE! on the set. Usually on Monday early mornings. Or on a late-night shoot to pump us up. Then, they started writing it on the show. He is our cheerleader and we love him for it!”

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

8. Halloween Heist Winner

Halloween episodes are one of the most-watched episodes by viewers from the entire series. While we all love the Halloween Heist, so does the crew because when the Halloween Heist episode is recorded, the cast too is unaware of the winner of the heist. Even to them, the winner is finally revealed when it becomes necessary.

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About


9. Peraltiago IRL

In the episode HalloVeen, one can easily spot a cute picture of Jake and Amy on Amy’s desk. However, that picture was never taken for the show. It is taken from Melissa Fumero’s Instagram!

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

10. Terry’s Oil Painting

Remember when Terry made Captain Holt a painting? In Season One, Episode Four, ‘M.E. Time’ Terry made a portrait of Captain Holt to cheer him up, as Amy suggested. Captain Holt took the painting to gift it to his Husband, Kevin.

Afterward, if you notice, later in the season (Season One, Episode Sixteen) the painting is seen in Kevin’s office at Columbia University.

10 Secret Facts Every B99-Fan Must Know About

Cool, isn’t it?

While you Binge-watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine in a loop, during this lockdown, do share your special insights from the show in the comments section!


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