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10 Types Of People You Are Likely To Meet At Tarang

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February is that time of the year when college students put on their creative hats and gear up for some awesomeness on campus! Yes, the fest season is finally here and as the winter winds are settling down we get to witness the most interesting moods of people around! What can be a better place to capture these moods apart from the first big fest of the season – Tarang! Here are 10 types of people that you are likely to find at Tarang!

1. The Distant Dwellers:

For starters let’s begin with people who are more likely to admire the fest from a distance. Now these are the kind of people who have no choice but to get on to social media and express their absolute desire to be there on Tarang and then not be there.

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“Oh my god are you serious? Is Tarang really getting my favourite artist on board?

Oh mahn wish I could be there! I am feeling so sad I wont be able to attend, duh.

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2. The Poker Faces!

Okay , now these are the people who would give you no reaction whatsoever!

Here’s a sample:

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Listen, this time Tarang is going international!!!


This time they are calling the best DJ in the country!!!


You know what, some of the best food outlets are going to be there this year!!!


Listen we have that one artist whose  especially coming for this fest, you know what that means!!!


Listen , there is an earthquake in the city!!!


3. The Accepters:

As the name goes to suggest, these are the people who will accept anything and everything that’s coming their way. They will be the people who will sympathize with the artists , the audience, the food stall bhaias, the dogs and everything else…

“Dude my back market momos stall is also here! How wonderful they care about everyone equally!”

4. The Peeved Public:

This is one of the most interesting lot of the crowd. They have fun but they have complaints. They like the fest but they don’t like the fest. They get in but they don’t take it in, get it?

“OMG! They have pizza hut. I love pizza hut like I literally love it. I wish they would call dominos though. Something new you know”

5. The Search Engines:

Now these are the people who are at your fest with a purpose. They have a MISSION. Their purpose could range from winning a competition to searching for the best place to stand near the celebrity artist to finding their best life partner before Valentine ’s Day arrives!

6. The Green- Eyed Gang:

No matter what fest they go to and no matter how good it is they always have the throne to their name. Basically they are people who wish their college fest to become like Tarang however…

“What a stage dude! What fabulous arrangements they’ve made this year! Look at all those lightings and sound quality…They’ve got Mahindra and Air India as sponsors, they have everything what a grand fest needs!

7. The Frenzied Folks:

They are people who are excited! Super excited! Probably more excited than the college students themselves. These are the people who love Tarang as an audience and religiously look forward to it!

“I can’t wait to go to Tarang this year! Its going to be super splendid this year. They have Kenny Sebastian on board! And there artist line up and food outlets are just WOW! This is my 3rd consecutive year at Tarang… Yippie!”

8. The (Pass)erbys:

These are the people who dedicatedly look for ways to arrange a pass for Tarang. They meet people in colleges and parties, parks and pgs trying hard, actually no , hardest to get through the gates of LSR!

“Can I get an extra pass? Please? I’ll treat you to anything you want! Please get me entry into Tarang!”

9. The LSR Swaggers:

These are none other than LSR students who flaunt their way into Tarang because they have the inherited magic of LSR and also a free entry! You see the benefits of being a part of one of the best institutes in town?

10. The Feedbackers

Alright, now these are the best kind of people. They are the people who writes back, shares their opinions, make themselves a part of the Tarang family! These are the people who motivate and encourage the organizing team to make Tarang better each year with their thoughtful suggestions and endless love!

So ,mark your dates 3rd , 4th and 5th February 2017 and don’t forget to be there at Lady Shri Ram College to experience the craziest amounts of fun and fabulousness this Tarang! We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on meeting such interesting variants of people!

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