4 Specialised B.Tech Courses That Will Help Develop Valuable Skill Sets

India is generally touted as a place that churns a massive number of engineers every year. A total of 1.5 million engineers graduate every year, which is no small number. However, not all is well and good here ‚Äì a large percentage of this figure aren’t provided with lucrative job offers, which is an extremely worrying statistic.

So, it’s imperative to ensure that the level of education being provided when it comes to the vertical of engineering is augmented with certain specialisations to help combat the problem mentioned above. We say this because companies don’t just want basic engineers ‚Äì they also need people who understand the applications of whatever they’ve learnt across a whole host of verticals.¬†

To satisfy this pressing need, UPES is providing specialised B.Tech courses across various verticals to help develop valuable skill sets in students. Four courses, in particular, are worth a mention:

B.Tech Geo Science Engineering : This particular course combines the core concept of geophysics and geology to help facilitate a better level of education. This course will help students understand how to read, analyse, and interpret multiple forms of data related to various aspects of geology such as oil & gas, geo data, and tectonic plates, to name a few.

B.Tech Automotive Design Engineering : It has become the need of the hour for automotive companies to constantly innovate and excel with their mobility offerings. Students who opt for this degree will be able to combine engineering concepts with the details involved in automotive design, ultimately helping them carve their niche in the relevant industry.

B.Tech Applied Petroleum Engineering with Specialization in Gas : Even after the increasing awareness to adopt renewable sources of energy, the Oil & Gas industry is still going strong with a vast number of applications to boot. Thus, UPES provides this course to help engineering students understand the processes involved in this industry while seeing to it that they are ready to tackle any and all challenges that might arise.

B.Tech Power System Engineering :¬†It has become all the more important to discover and develop various renewable forms of energy to propagate sustainability. Thus, the demand for individuals understands the functionality of the power sector has become increasingly prevalent. In this situation, UPES’ offering plays a crucial role in helping people develop their mettle when it comes to this sector.

It’s become evident that UPES is spearheading the new wave of specialised courses. The courses will prove to be incredibly valuable in helping the individuals of tomorrow attain a host of skills across multiple verticals.

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Shivam Malhotra
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