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5 Places Where You Should Be Heading To For An Amazing English Breakfast

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Who doesn’t love breakfast?

It’s the favourite meal of every 2 in 3 people. Sundays with some sunny side up, waffles/pancakes and coffee can definitely make anyone’s day. Be it a date, a formal meeting or just hanging out with your F.R.I.E.N.D.S, breakfast is always a great option. Delhi is surely a foodies paradise but it becomes an extremely tedious activity to choose from a long list of places which serve great breakfast. So if you wake up on a sunday morning figuring out places for breakfast, just keep these places on the top of that list.

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This cafe is definitely a gem for all English breakfast lovers. Located in Gurgaon, this places has lovely interiors and decor. You’ll see people doing their work, reading a book and some just enjoying their food with some nice house music playing. This place serves amazing coffee. Iced cappuccino. Period. This place is known for it’s pancakes and french toasts and they live up to the hype. You have a wide variety of eggs, waffles and sandwiches ¬†to choose from. It’s a little cafe with amazing interiors, great food and extremely polite staff.

Location : 208, Level 2, Cross point mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

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The primary option for breakfast for a majority of people. Yes, we’re talking about the all american diner. Located inside the Indian habitat centre, this place has established a name for itself in the recent past. As the name suggests, it’s made exactly like a classic american diner with red booths and offers a typical diner feel.

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With interesting options in waffles, pancakes and french toasts to choose from, this place is surely worth it. Apart from this, they have amazing sausages, hash brown and varieties in eggs. As it’s a typical diner, they also serve kickass burgers and hotdogs.

Location : Indian habitat centre, lodhi colony



Located amidst khan market, this place has an elegant decor and the dining area is nicely done up. This cafe effuses soothing vibes. This place is well known for it’s omelettes and pancakes. The USP of this place is the variety they offer in breakfast. From different kinds of eggs to fresh fruit bowls to salads as well as crepes and sausages, this place has a lot to offer. This place also offers a fine dine feel. If you’re in khan market, blue door is the place to be.

Location : 66, middle lane, khan market



This place is comparatively new but surely doesn’t lack in their game. It’s a cozy little place with nicely done up interiors. The coffee is amazing and it surely does live up to the name. One of the best part is that they have all day breakfast. Yaay. They have English breakfast, american breakfast and Himalayan breakfast. The English breakfast and Himalayan breakfast are surely recommended. Apart from these, they also offer waffles and a variety of pancakes. They also offer outdoor dining.

Location : 8, PVR Anupam complex, community centre, Saket



This place has a beautiful decor and amazing interiors. It’s a quite cafe with amazing dining area. If you’re looking for a quite place to have a conversation and have amazing breakfast simultaneously, then this is the place you should visit. They play soothing music in the background which only adds up to the experience. Their french cinnamon toast is surely something one shouldn’t miss upon. Apart from the quintessential waffles, different kinds of eggs and fresh fruits they also offer oats and muesli with great add ons.

Location : 1st Floor, PVR Plaza building, H block, Connaught place


Hurry people, amazing breakfast is waiting!

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