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Five Places In Majnu Ka Tila For People Longing For A Quiet Time

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MKT or Majnu Ka Tila is a Tibetan colony in North Delhi as we all know. It’s also known as the little Tibet of Delhi. The place is well known for it’s Tibetan food and variety of clothes for shopaholics. It’s a famous hangout spot for the college students because of it’s proximity with the North Campus and also the economical rates that the cafes and restaurants have got to offer.

Majnu Ka Tila is also a dream come true for people looking for a quiet time.To work,read a book with coffee,spend some quality time with someone or even if you plan on doing nothing,Majnu a Tila is the place to be.

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This place is located amidst the narrow lanes of Majnu Ka Tila.The interiors are nicely done and the place is very colourful with positive vibes. They have a book shelf filled with novels and travel magazines. Like other places in Majnu Ka Tila,this place also offers home made bakery. The apple pie and cheese cake are fresh and amazing. They also offer breakfast till 12. It’s a serene place which makes you fall in love with itself.¬†


One¬†of the well known coffee shops of Majnu Ka Tila,Rigo is surely worth as many visits as possible. It’s surely a gem for all coffee lovers as they serve amazing coffee. The cheese cake and banana cake that they serve are surely¬†recommended. They have a nice and cosy ambience and you can just laze around and enjoy their coffee with some mouthwatering deserts they offer. You can also have a look at some of the travel books and Tibetan magazines that are kept on some of the shelves. They also have all day breakfast and decent sandwiches.¬†

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This is surely one of the well known places of MKT. Anybody who’s heard of Majnu Ka Tila will surely know about Ama cafe as well. Th highlight of this place are the lovely interiors and the soothing music. This place surely has a different touch to it and lives up to the hype around it. They offer various types of tea’s and coffee. Apart from that they offer shakes and juices and let’s not even get started on the desserts. Tiramisu, pineapple upside down and carrot cinnamon cake are some of the best things in the bakery section. They also offer breakfast till 11 am. The only con is that there might be waiting as there are too many people because of the popularity that this place has.



Located in the¬†basement¬†of a building in Majnu Ka Tila,this is surely the¬†hidden gem of the locality. It’s a small cafe and has an¬†extremely different touch to it. The ambience is quite nice with shimmering lights and nicely done up walls. Like other cafes in Majnu Ka Tila, they also keep various books as well as magazines. The carrot cake, fruit cake and the apple pie are some of the best in their lot. The coffee lives¬†up to their name. They also serve breakfast till 11 and it’s one of the best in Majnu Ka Tila.¬†



Located on the back side of Majnu Ka Tila, this cafe overlooks a part of the yamuna river. It has a really calm and quite feel and you won’t find a lot of¬†people here. It’s a little difficult to find this cafe as it’s tucked between narrow lanes and not a lot of¬†people know about this cafe. The cafe is nicely done up and most of the things are made from wood. The USP of this place is the variety that they offer. Apart from breakfast and bakery stuff, they also offer continental food. From burgers to sandwiches to pasta, they have it all. Away from the main area of Majnu Ka Tila and with not a lot of people around,this is surely a great option for a quite time.¬†


Heading to Majnu Ka Tila in 3. 2. 1.

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