5 Questions That Will Help You Make The Right Choice

After the first cut off was released at midnight on Wednesday, I can very well imagine the horrified look on your face with “Shock laga laga laga shock laga” playing in the background, perfectly complementing your situation. This happens every year and frankly, if you are aware of the past trends then this wouldn’t have been much of a shock for you.
The rat race has begun and its time to pull up your socks and run after the cut offs so that you don’t become a “broken anda”. Since there just 5 cut offs this year, cracking DU seems to be tougher job. Many a times, students lose their composure of mind and make irrational decisions. While college versus course has been a debatable issue since ages, there are a lot of matters at stake that need to be pondered upon.
Here are a few questions each DU aspirant must ask himself/herself before making a choice

Q1. What do I want to do?

You need to think about the course you want to pursue, keeping in mind the long-term benefits and future prospects. Whether its Pol.Sc Hons. or BA Programme, you need to decide looking at your interest and aptitude for each one.

Q2. What’s the content of the course?

Now that’s an easy task. Look up on the net, phone up your seniors, visit DU help centers and you’ll be all clear of whether you’ll have to study Media and Cultural studies or Nationalism in India.

Q3. Should I choose course over college or vice-versa?

After you have decided on the course you want to do, make another choice. This question may lead to a much heated argument but ultimately it’s for you to decide. This is the second most important step ¬†towards making a logical choice.

Q4. What’s the current cut off?

Once you’ve answered the above two questions, half the battle is won. Now have a look at the cutoff. You made it in the current one? Then you are sorted. Didn’t make it in the one you wanted? No worries, sit back and relax and wait for the coming cut off.s

Q5. Is my choice real?extra

This seems to be a very important question that goes unnoticed most of the times. When you actually decide on a course and college and are about to take admissions,just stop for a second and think about it. Is your choice real or is it being shaped by the cutoff trends? ¬†Do you really want to do what you are opting for or is the “DU tag” that seems alluring?

Try this exercise and you will be sure shot of your goal. So the next time Verma aunty or Sharma uncle asks you “Beta kya socha hai”? , you won’t have to think twice.


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