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5 Reasons Why ILAM Is the Best Place to Study BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics & Supply Chain Management play a vital role in the success of an enterprise. From improving one’s financial position to bolstering customer service, the performance of an organization can be boosted to a great extent through optimal SCM practices. After all, the supply chain deals with the two most crucial elements of a business – namely, delivery and cost. This makes the chain all the more essential for any successful commercial activity.

Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management (ILAM) is an excellent institute that provides specialized industry-ready courses in this vertical. This institute has made its mark as one of India’s most trusted names in education and is known to provide courses that help students stay relevant in their chosen career paths. Here are five reasons why ILAM should be your first choice while considering an institute to pursue an education in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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ILAM has played a key role in establishing hundreds of students as professionals in the field of Supply Chain Management. With its brilliant curriculum and expert faculty, the institute educates students to bring out the best in them and prepares them to face the professional world. It focuses on introducing students to the latest industry advancements and enables them to polish their skills to make their mark as they begin their professional journey. These facts have been re-established by the alumni of ILAM, as they are present at various positions of importance at reputed organizations, thereby bringing laurels to their alma mater.


ILAM offers impressive job prospects to the students of BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. ILAM’s alumni have developed a strong name for the institute and reputed organizations hire these students and entrust them with important responsibilities. With these on-campus placement opportunities, students get a chance to explore their chances at reputed organizations like DHL, Ashok Leyland, FedEx, and TATA. 


The course work of ILAM is curated while understanding the technical heft of Supply Chain Management. This is perhaps why regular industry interactions are arranged for the students. This helps them learn by experiencing the actual workings of the industry. In addition to this, students are also required to undergo an internship program, which is really helpful in providing them with the correct industry exposure and accurate information to build their career paths. 


BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management is one of the most sought-after programs at ILAM. The expert faculty of this course is well-versed in the latest advancements of the industry and is capable of providing students with the kind of education which will be relevant not only in the present but also for years to come. With its futuristic infrastructure and modern facilities, ILAM provides students with the means to stay a step ahead of their co-workers and, hence, make a special mark for themselves in their careers.


As mentioned above, the campus of ILAM is equipped with the latest facilities. This helps in providing a comfortable and enjoyable on-campus environment for their students. These eminent hostel facilities are available for students to be safe and make the most of their college life.

All these reasons make ILAM a perfect choice for students wanting to pursue BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. This course is specially designed to meet the requirements of the industry and allow students to develop the confidence that will help them advance in their careers.

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