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5 Things To Expect During Your First Year At College

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So, you have finally graduated high school and that‚Äôs such a relief isn’t it?

Now that you are waiting for the cut off lists to be updated, probably appearing for loads of entrance examinations and enjoying your last summer before college to finally begin to the fullest. We are pretty the sure the thought of ‘How exactly it would be like to finally go to a college?’ would have crossed your mind.

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We bring to you a list of 5 things to expect during your first year at college, here it goes.

1) You are your own boss!


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 You are no longer stuck to the 8 AM to 3 PM schedule that schools had. College timings are flexible and you can attend lectures you want. (Though we advise you to attend all of them)

2) Wear what you like.


You are also no longer stuck to the dress code schools had. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear stilettos to your 9 AM (the way Bollywood movies or even ‚ÄòGossip Girls‚Äô might have told us!) There is no ‚Äòofficial dress code‚Äô at colleges and chances are that you‚Äôll find most of your classmates wearing casual jeans and sneakers. Wear what makes you comfortable, always!

3) It may take some time to find your group of people


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Like all relationships, friendships do take some time too. Finding your own ‘group’ of people would definitely not happen overnight! It will take time and that’s perfectly fine. You will make new friends the natural way but you’ll never know when you make that perfect bond! It could be over anything, from the ‘We have no idea what that teacher is teaching’ looks to discussing over your favourite football teams. It may take some time but you’ll definitely find you people.

4) Explore yourself


All colleges have plenty of societies from dance, photography, music to economics, geography and much more! Explore yourself join a society that interests you. College is the place where you can discover yourself to the fullest. Become a member of a society…. Or just create your own!

5) It’s okay if you don’t score well in your first year


You would have all scored really good marks in your 12th results, 85%, 90% or much-much higher.¬†But let us tell you one thing, scoring in college isn’t necessarily going to be the same. You might not score well at first and that‚Äôs perfectly fine. You‚Äôll slowly get a hang of it and learn to score better marks.

Although now you pretty much know what to expect from your first year of college, it would still be weird and uncomfortable at times. Despite it all I loved my first year at college! I am sure you will too.
Stay positive and keep reading from this page to get a good start in your college and to never look back.
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