50 students from the same school make it into SRCC

SRCC Students Helped A Slum Get Free From Its Water Woes

It is the dream of almost every commerce student to get into one of India’s finest colleges- Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in Delhi University,to pursue their bachelors.At school,every classroom is a plethora of hope and aims.Conversations about SRCC are common among all,but only the rarest of the rare make it into the prestigious institute. But wonder how would it be if you got admission into the college along with most of your school classmates.No matter how improbable it may sound, but this is the case with the students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,a school in Erode, Tamil Nadu.

50 students from the school got admission into SRCC for B.Com Honours,in the first cut-off this year. he large number of students from the same institute making it into SRCC, has surprised many and has also grabbed media attention.Our reporters went deeper into the story and interviewed the principal of the school. “Our students are focused and determined. They aspire to study at SRCC, Delhi and Christ College, Bangalore. Right from class IX, they focus on achieving their goals and with the help of teachers who have a minimum of 20 years of experience in the field of Commerce, they work hard from the very beginning of class XI,” said N S Karthikeyani, principal, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

She explained that the admission process at DU is purely on merit basis and with 50 of their students making it into SRCC, it is a matter of pride for their school. “We motivate and encourage the students to work hard. Not only our teachers but also the school management focuses on providing career guidance to our Commerce students. Concepts are explained in detail and there is no mugging up of the syllabus. Students undergo a continuous and rigorous round of tests before their board exams,” she added. “Unlike earlier times, getting into a medical college has become difficult and so more students are opting for the Commerce stream. Delhi University provides a lot of exposure and has a wide range of opportunities for students. SRCC helps bring out the entrepreneurial and banking skills in a student and is therefore, undoubtedly the first choice for most students,” she continued.

With more and more Commerce students bringing pride to the school each year, the school now has five sections for Commerce students, out of which more than 150 students scored more than 80% this year.

Shree Hari, one of the five school toppers scoring 99.875% told DU Express, “There is no special curriculum that we followed. It is only the guidance and motivation of our teachers and correspondents that inspired us to work hard. We prepared from the very beginning and had aimed to get into SRCC.” He explained that the support of the school and the help of the teachers had made 50 of them make it to DU.

The students and faculty of the school are an inspiration to one and all. Working hard from the very beginning is their way of achieving their goals. Maybe you did not make it to SRCC and would like your siblings or cousin to achieve what you’d dreamed of. So now you know what you’ve got to do. Enroll them at the school in Tamil Nadu. Just kidding, motivate them to work hard.


  1. “Unlike earlier times, getting into a medical college has become difficult and so more students are opting for the Commerce stream.”
    Are you kidding me ? You think we choose commerce not because of interest but because we are not good enough to get into other streams. If that is the kind of counseling being provided students are better off on their own.

    • Well you should go and research a little on how students do select their subjects in Class 11th.The families keep financial and future prospects in consideration while allowing (yes allowing) their kid to go ahead with the stream! Now what you’re saying is about people with resources who dont have issues related to finances but do remember that there are many people (many) who dont fall in the same category.


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